2023 polls Ogun PDP goes spiritual, clerics, candidates pray inside rain

2023 polls Ogun PDP goes spiritual, clerics, candidates pray inside rain

2023 polls Ogun PDP goes spiritual, clerics, candidates pray inside rain. Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidates, leaders, and members in Ogun State have turned to God in preparation for the general elections of 2023 in an effort to win.

According to DAILY POST, religious leaders from various religions met at the PDP Secretariat in Abeokuta on Monday to pray for protection from God throughout the campaign travels and electoral triumph.

Pastors and Islamic clerics knelt in the rain to earnestly pray for the opposing party despite the day’s heavy downpour.

The goal, according to the party, was to seek God’s face for His protection both before and during the campaigns as well as to be on the lookout for the “evil schemes” of the governing All Progressives Congress (APC).

Adebutu urged the populace not to give up in his statements, revealing that the PDP was chasing the 2023 elections both physically and spiritually.

The PDP, according to the governor candidate, wants to win for all of its candidates, from the president to the House of Assembly.

Adebutu said that he occasionally grew weary of the insomnia that comes with campaigning, but he insisted that he had made the decision to persist in making the necessary sacrifices for the welfare of Ogun State.

He announced that he entered the run for governor not to accumulate fortune but rather to provide the people of Ogun with competent government and make the State a better place for everyone.

Dr. Sunday Solarin, the party’s secretary in Ogun, stated that the PDP must protect itself from any spiritual powers that could seek to sabotage all of the arrangements it has already set in place.

The women’s wing of the party, according to Solarin, had suggested the idea for the prayer session, which was the first of its type in the party.

Remilekun Olusoji, the PDP State Women Leader, addressed the media and stated: “We are here to seek God’s face and His protection before the campaigns get underway. Also, we are here to look for harmony and love inside the PDP.

“We have prayed for everyone of our candidates to win. This became necessary as a result of a dream I had that demanded our group come together for a prayer meeting. We have accomplished this, and we are now assured of winning the election.