2023 Shun politics of do or die – Oyo NUJ tells politicians


2023 Shun politics of do or die – Oyo NUJ tells politicians. The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Oyo State Council has urged politicians all over the nation to avoid do-or-die politics.

The union emphasized the need of doing this to prevent violence before, during, and after the upcoming general elections in 2023.

After today’s countrywide launch of the Presidential and National Assembly campaigns, this advise is offered.

Politicians were urged by the union to follow the rules of the game in its guidance.

The organization revealed these details in a statement that was released at the conclusion of its September convention, which was held on Wednesday in Ibadan.

The NUJ urged politicians to play by the rules and avoid treating the 2023 general elections as a life-or-death contest at the congress presided over by Ademola Babalola, its state chairman.

In the statement, the union challenged journalists with upholding all professional norms to the letter.

“The union also urged journalists to report political activity honestly, objectively, and factually as the elections in 2023 approach.

The NUJ also urged politicians to follow the rules and not see the 2023 general elections as a life-or-death contest.

“As electioneering for the 2023 Election gets underway, the Congress has charged media to carefully abide by all professional standards by covering political activities in a truthful, impartial, and accurate manner.

“The NUJ also urged the general public to refrain from enforcing laws if they feel wronged. Instead, they ought to use legal channels to obtain justice.

“Private media firms that have a practice of hiring people but have no intention of paying them wages and other benefits should cease owing their employees. The working hands need to eat.