Police launch Operation Restore Peace in Kano

Police launch Operation Restore Peace in Kano. “Operation Restore Peace” has been initiated by the police in Kano State to replace “Operation Puff Adder.”

Abubakar Lawal, the newly appointed state commissioner of police, said this while briefing police officers shortly after taking office.

He clarified that the intention is to combat the threats of drug misuse (Kwaya), thuggery (Daba), and other horrific crimes in the state.

He stated, “We will increase the ability of our Divisional Police Offices and Tactical Units to accomplish our objectives.”

The commissioner stated that effective community policing engagements, intelligence-led policing, visibility policing, use of technology in tackling crimes, synergy with sister security agencies, and community policing stakeholders are some of the anti-crime strategies that will be incorporated into the Command’s Action Plan.

The continuation of Operation Restore Peace, bolstering the command’s public relations division, and extensive public education and sensitization are additional planned.

“We will do everything in our power to make Kano State a safe and secure place for everyone to reside.

No effort will be spared in the fight against crime and criminality, so we must have everyone’s participation, support, and encouragement, the commissioner declared.