7 Luxury Foyer Room Designs to Welcome Special Guests

Having a comfortable and luxurious residence is a dream for many people. However, the residence is incomplete without a beautiful foyer. Don’t worry because a low interest loan will help you to make it happen.

Before realizing your dream foyer, of course, you must know what a foyer is, its uses, and interesting design ideas that you can use as inspiration. The following is a further explanation regarding the luxury foyer for your home.
Luxury Foyer for Your Home

Foyer is a room that connects the main door with the next room in your house. Don’t worry about the cost because a low interest loan will help you. However, what exactly is the benefit of the foyer?

The foyer has various benefits, including being able to enhance the interior appearance of your home, especially from the main door. In addition, the foyer can also be used as a place to receive guests briefly.

Foyer Room Designs

Beautiful fireplace room in classic style

The foyer can also give guests insight into your personality and that of your family so you have to really think about the right foyer design. If you are still confused by the design, here are 7 luxury foyer design ideas for your home.
White Shades

If you like a luxurious foyer design but it looks modern and minimalist, then a white foyer design will suit your home. Especially if your home also has the same feel of home.

The white color in this design doesn’t mean you will wear white throughout the room, but you can combine it with other supportive colors such as black, gray, or silver.

Then, you simply add two white sofas and a small table because the function of the foyer itself is only to connect with the main room. However, you can also add some ornaments such as mirrors.

Feels of Nature

If you prefer a warm and beautiful natural feel, you can use this design idea. The design of natural shades will be more suitable if your house is brown and has a variety of plant ornaments.

In the design of natural shades, you can use various shades of brown. These brown colors can be matched with the color of your home. But as inspiration, you can use light brown and earth tones.

Like the previous design, you can simply add two sofas and a table with the same shades of brown. So that the natural feel in your foyer is more visible, you can also add a variety of ornamental plant ornaments and plant paintings.
Nigerian Traditional Feel

If your house has a traditional archipelago feel like Joglo House, then you can use traditional Nigerian nuanced design ideas. Moreover, you can also preserve Nigerian culture by using this design.

If you use a design with this nuance, you can match the color to what traditional home you have. For example, if you have a house with a Joglo feel, then use wood brown.

You can also use typical Joglo furniture to add to the traditional feel. The ornaments that can be used also vary, such as the typical chandelier of the Joglo House.

Still in the same traditional feel, but now you use a western impression. This foyer is suitable for those of you who have a large western house, especially European style.

In this design, you can match the color of your foyer to your home. But for sure, don’t forget the traditional western chandelier ornaments or commonly known as chandeliers.

Japanese feel

If you love Japan, it’s time to create a luxurious Japanese-style foyer. This foyer will be even more suitable if your house is in Japanese style or at least has a color like wood in a Japanese house.

In this design, you can match the color of the foyer to your home. It’s even better if you use a Japanese-style light brown wood color.

Don’t forget to add elements of Japanese culture in this foyer to make the nuance even more pronounced. These cultural elements include wooden shelves for storing shoes and tatami flooring.

Bohemian feel

The bohemian feel design is suitable for those of you who like a warm nuanced foyer. Moreover, this design can be applied in various home designs. However, it is better if your house has a white color.

In this design, you can simply use white as the wall. You can also add various ornaments to strengthen the bohemian impression such as plants, soft white knitted carpets and wooden chairs.

Industrial feel

Industrial design is becoming a trend today because it can display a different impression than other designs. You can also follow this trend by using an industrial nuanced foyer. Especially if your home also has the same impression.

The industrial design is identical with the walls which are natural gray like the color of concrete. To add an industrial impression, you can also add an antique house door.

No need to add a lot of furniture in this industrial design. Just add two white chairs and ornaments that support an industrial feel such as a large square mirror.

Choose Your Foyer Room Design and Use Low Interest Loans

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