Anambra monarchs task subjects to collect PVCs, vote wisely

Anambra monarchs task subjects to collect PVCs, vote wisely

Anambra monarchs task subjects to collect PVCs, vote wisely. Traditional leaders have given their people the assignment to obtain their permanent voter cards (PVCs) and participate in the voting process in the villages around the Dunukofia Local Government Area of Anambra State.

The monarchs who fall under the purview of the Dunukofia Traditional Rulers Council expressed confidence that Nigerians will pick a group of leaders who can save the country if they take part in the election process and cast informed ballots.

At a news conference, Igwe Ben Anochie, the traditional king of the Umunnachi community, spoke on behalf of the traditional leaders of the other five communities that make up the council area. He said there was a need to encourage as many people as possible to work in agriculture.

“We are urging our constituents to make sure they take part in the next elections by casting informed ballots for the candidates they believe in.

“It is essential that we continue to promote the full participation of our people in democratic processes and make sure that trustworthy and people-centered leaders emerge for the better good of everyone.

People must visit the INEC local government council office to pick up their PVCs and utilize them to their advantage by casting a ballot on election day, he added. “It does not stop at going through Continuous Voters Registration (CVR) of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC),” he said.

Speaking about the upcoming Dunukofia new yam festival and new year declaration for a farming season, known in Igbo as “Orira Awamji/ Igu Aro Dunukofia,” the monarchs declared that the group will take advantage of the occasion to aggressively lobby for their subjects to embrace agriculture.

In order to reduce the exorbitant cost of food in local markets, we will talk extensively about contemporary agricultural and agronomic methods that ensure good and improved yields when our people visit farms.

The subject of security and the requirement that our workers maintain a high level of security awareness will also be covered, he added.

Igwe Ralph Chukwurah, Igwe Peter Uyanwa, Igwe Ralph Chukwurah, Igwe Dr. Emeka Ilouno, Igwe Peter Uyanwa, and Igwe George Okaa-Onwuogu are some of the other traditional rulers that make up the council area. Igwe Robert Eze, the traditional ruler of the Ukpo village.