Anambra police declare state safe, arrest masterminds of Okija attacks on operatives

Anambra police declare state safe, arrest masterminds of Okija attacks on operatives

Anambra police declare state safe, arrest masterminds of Okija attacks on operatives. Yesterday, the Anambra State Police Command evaluated its accomplishments in the state and pronounced it to be secure.

Since the previous year, criminals known as unidentified gunmen have controlled Anambra.

Due to the fact that majority of the state had been deemed hazardous for political campaigns, the criminals nearly prevented the state from holding its governorship election in November 2021.

However, the Assistant Inspector General in charge of Zone 13 police command, AIG Umar Muri, visited the state police headquarters in Awka on Thursday and addressed officers of the command there, declaring that the state is now safe.

Echeng gave Muri an update on the command’s accomplishments and informed him that “we have registered a lot of successes in the war against criminals.” Without your (Muri’s) guidance, most of the successes wouldn’t have been feasible. “Our security situation is becoming better every day and will keep getting better every day. There have been numerous criminals who were previously referred to as “unknown gunmen,” as well as numerous gun and vehicle recoveries and owner handovers.

“We now know who the assailants were. May I also take this opportunity to inform you that the Okija attack perpetrators, along with three of his friends, have been apprehended by police and are currently providing us with information about their plans? Two of our men were killed in that assault. “Our men’s morale has been raised. Morale was poor when we first joined the team, but it is now high and we are continuing to raise it. We’ll keep working to make sure that our soldiers can do their jobs without being bothered by criminals, Echeng said.

In addition to praising the soldiers and officers of the command for their efforts in combating criminals, AIG Umar Muri reiterated the code of conduct for serving officers and men and praised them for their patriotism and tireless efforts in the state’s unpleasant situation. The IGP has committed heavily to maintaining the strong morale of the force’s members, he added, and the zone is proud of Anambra State’s efforts to reduce criminal elements. Among the methods he highlighted were outfitting the force’s members, fast payment of salaries, rehabilitation of the four police colleges, and the purchase of operating vehicles.

There are some considerations we must make when performing our duty, he remarked. We must continue to pursue criminals and bring the fight to their front doors. “We must avoid wrongful detentions and interfering in civil cases. You must identify and punish police officers who associate with criminals. You can only use a firearm when it is proportionate to the situation. And you must always uphold justice and fairness in all of your interactions with members of the public.”

The command made access roads to the state police command available to drivers and bystanders to emphasize the restoration of peace in the state.

Following attacks on several police facilities throughout the state, the roads near the state police command’s headquarters in Awka were closed to traffic.