ASCSN condemns forceful invasion of national secretariat

ASCSN condemns forceful invasion of national secretariat

ASCSN condemns forceful invasion of national secretariat. The Plateau State Chapter of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria has denounced Mr. Bola-Audu Innocent, the association’s former president, and other expelled members for forcing their way into the national secretariat in Lagos.

In a statement made accessible to journalists in Jos, the state capital, the association expressed its displeasure and added that the former president had broken into the secretariat with a group of thugs.

Titus Malau, the association’s chairman in the state, and Gideon Daniel, its secretary, both signed the statement.

Recall that on Monday, August 20, 2022, Innocent—who had resigned from his position in March 2021—illegally entered the national secretariat.

The National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) detained Innocent in Abuja on suspicion of trafficking and exploiting weaker individuals.

The association stated that Innocent broke into the annex of its national secretariat in Abuja when its leadership at the national level was looking into unofficial avenues to offer him a soft landing over his alleged criminal behavior.

The association had to kick him out in August 2021 because of the act that caused him to commit a variety of constitutional violations.

“He again assaulted our national secretariat in Lagos in August 2022, this time with the help of a few retired civil servants and hoodlums, according to reports.

“We want to make it clear that Innocent and his misguided allies will be held completely accountable for any injuries sustained by union employees in the national secretariat in Lagos and the annex in Abuja.

In order for the union to continue pursuing the welfare of its numerous members around the nation as it has done for years, it was urged that Innocent and his gang stay away from the national secretariat.

It argued that the association is a group of intelligent, refined, and competent people who value fairness and decency in the conduct of their business.

The association’s Plateau Chapter further reaffirmed its allegiance and gave the current National President, Dr. Tommy Okon, and Secretary, Mr. Alade Lawal, a vote of confidence.