BBNaija 7 remarkable highlights from ‘Level Up’ season

BBNaija 7 remarkable highlights from ‘Level Up’ season

BBNaija 7 remarkable highlights from ‘Level Up’ season. On Sunday, the Big Brother Naija level-up winner of season 7 will get the N100 million big prize. There were 24 roommates when the show, which premiered on July 23 and 24, first aired.

The housemates arrived to the “level-up” opening night with their best game as they were welcomed by the show’s presenter, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

The roommates were introduced in tiers this year, unlike past editions when guys were presented before the girls. The ultimate prize this year was also enhanced by N10 million.

Several shocks in the level-up season have left committed viewers with long-lasting memories.

Five outstanding events from the level-up season are featured in this DAILY POST.

Grades 1 and 2

Biggie separated the housemates into Level 1 and Level 2 at the beginning of the current season in a shocking twist.

The producers revised the eviction procedure in addition to providing fans with two channels on DSTV and Gotv to watch the show on.

Due to the two tiers’ simultaneous existence, spectators battled to avoid missing any of the action on either level.

The Head of Home (HoH) game winner from either Level 1 or Level 2 house protects the remaining members of his house from eviction and nomination prior to the merging of the two levels.

The Level 1 housemates strolled with an air of superiority as they occupied a gorgeous house and ruled the highly sought-after head of house, HOH game, while the Level 2 housemates were known as “the trenches house with more abilities.”

The competition for the (HoH) position was dominated by Level 1 housemates, unfortunately, and level 2 housemates were not nominated or removed from the program until both levels combined.

Beauty was booted out

Beauty Tukura was dismissed on August 7th, 2022 for violating and disregarding the house rules.

During the first episode of the show, Beauty was given a warning for fighting with Ilebaye. She had ripped Ilebaye’s wig following a verbal altercation, then on August 6, she flung her wig, glasses, and microphone during an argument with Groovy.

Big Brother finally gave her a double strike. Due of this, Beauty became the first housemate to get a strike and be eliminated during the second week of the competition.

Riders are revealed

With the inclusion of two “rider roommates,” the program changed.

Rachael and Chizzy, the team, made their debut in the third week eviction night program.

The rider roommates, who were Biggie’s representatives, were not eligible to win the N100 million top prize, according to Obi-Uchendu.

He claims that they will have the opportunity to play till the end of the program and cannot be ousted either.

He promised that the new roommates will take part in all household chores and extracurricular activities. Chizzy became the crowd favorite as the battle went on, and the riders were ultimately eliminated on Friday night.

Disqualification of Amaka

Fans of the program were shocked by Amaka’s elimination when she fell prey to Biggie’s twist.

Her elimination, which was nominated for immediate eviction, surprised many. After Biggie requested that all of the housemates suggest two more competitors for instant removal, Amaka received the most suggestions.

Some of Amaka’s housemates became distraught after she left. The fans were upset because they were unable to save her because it was the first time such an eviction procedure had taken place.

Some viewers thought Amaka, who shown such good energy and substance in the House and was twice saved by her supporters, was a serious candidate.

The polyamorous union of Hermes

One of the highlights of the season was unquestionably the relationship between Hermes and Allysn. Allysn remained close to Hermes despite the fact that he told her he had two lovers outside the home before she was kicked out two weeks ago.

Hermes had described himself as polyamorous, a type of relationship that allows for both individual and group development.

Allysyn said she would want to focus on herself and respect his dynamic relationship even if she has a true connection with him. He later stated that he would love to have her as his third girlfriend.

False roommates

The inclusion of two fictitious roommates was another topic of conversation during the level-up season.

Ebuka had presented Modella and Deji as two fictional housemates during the second week of the program and given them a hidden purpose in their separate levels.

Deji was directed to complain about his level 1 coworkers in order to generate trouble, while Modella was urged to foment a wedge among the house’s lovers.

The pair cannot win the competition or be selected for eviction, according to Ebuka. They can always be instructed to leave the house, he said.

Deji accomplished his objective, but Modella struggled to separate lovers on her level, complaining that she had grown fond to the pair she had hoped to oppose.

Unpopular level three home

As the competition neared its final weeks, viewers were astounded by the construction of a new level 3 mansion.

Housemates Doyin, Eloswag, and Chomzy were kicked out of the freshly equipped level 3 home on September 11, 2022.

When Ebuka revealed that Big Brother has opted to keep the ousted housemates as guests in the house until Sept. 18, when they will be transported to join the other housemates, the unexpected surprise startled fans.

In a twist that some fans felt was unfair to some housemates, such Amaka, whose expulsion was “heartbreaking,” Ebuka revealed that the expelled housemates will return to the main house to take part in house duties with other roommates.