BBNaija Amaka deserves fans vote, eviction unfair – Fans react

BBNaija Amaka deserves fans vote, eviction unfair – Fans react

On social media, Big Brother Naija, BBNaija season 7 housemate Amaka’s eviction has drawn criticism.Amaka was eliminated on Monday night as the winner of the surprise eviction, which she had won the most votes for.

Amaka and Doyin both received six nominations, however only Doyin avoided being eliminated since the nominations of Deji, Rachel, and Chizzy were disregarded.

The ‘Level Up’ roommate deserves to have the chance for her admirers to vote and decide whether or not she stays in the house, according to Amaka’s Twitter followers, who called her expulsion an unfair decision.

Here are some Twitter comments that DAILY POST has compiled:

@Hadiza “Today’s instant eviction process is completely unjust and not cool,”

@Bamidele “Amaka’s admirers didn’t get an opportunity to vote, therefore this sudden removal is terribly unfair and unjust,” said one viewer.

@StanIslux “Biggie should have given her the opportunity to compete for her position in the house; Amaka should have been given the chance for her fan base to vote for her instead of facing hostility from the house, even if Doyin was also called numerous times.”

@ChristopherMakinde “Amaka being kicked out of Big Brother’s house right away is the worst and most heartless thing ever! Completely Unfair

@Vince “This impending eviction is ridiculous! Amaka’s supporters must stand up for her; otherwise, she should not survive!

@PeterPipers “Amaka’s quick eviction is very unfair and cruel. I sincerely feel sorry for her and hope she succeeds in life.”

@Omasilam “I don’t like Amaka very much, but her quick eviction was terribly harsh. I really hope she was taken to a secret room and this whole thing was just a false eviction because Amaka can’t leave like that Big Brother. It just doesn’t feel fair to the viewers and her supporters. @Iam deji “I don’t like Amaka, but that quick eviction is rubbish; it’s unfair and wrong. Put her back in the house; she deserves better than that; it is not just.

@Kachvee Imagine the disappointment Amaka would experience when she realizes she has an army on her side only to be kicked out by a much smaller group of supporters! On so many levels, cruelty.

@ChidinmaOrji7 “Why was Amaka evicted in such a manner? They didn’t even permit her supporters to cast votes for her.