Best Press Release Services in National Media

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Press release services are sometimes really needed by some businesses that have implemented a website as a promotional medium. A good website will optimize backlinks (hyperlinks) that point to your business website so that certain keywords can occupy the first page of the Google search engine.

In its application, backlinks that point to the website that we have must be sourced from websites that are already large. In this case, the big website is the national digital media. Businesses that have done search engine optimization must strengthen their website with backlinks so that they can be optimal in each targeted keyword by utilizing press release services that are experienced in their field.

Publishing articles to national media like this is mostly done by several large companies in digital marketing and internet marketing activities. The goal is to be better known to the public, and to be able to introduce products and services that are sold by soft selling in the national media. In addition, the company’s brand awareness will also increase. Then what is a press release service?

Best Press Release Services in National Media

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What is a Press Release Service?

What is a press release service? For some people who often dwell in the field of digital marketing, they must have been very close to this press release. If you have a product and want to inform internet users throughout Indonesia, you need to use a press release service.

Press release of a product (release) or many people also call it a press release is an activity that informs news, info, products, tips, and so on through printed newspapers and online media. This press release is usually covered through the mass media.

In this case, the press release service will be made with an article and published in several national digital media such as CNNIndonesia, liputan6, detik, and so on. Publishing articles to national media, of course, must go through several stages such as article preparation, backlink preparation and other technical matters to support branding promotion.
Benefits of Press Release Services

Now, after knowing what a press release service is, now we have to know what are the benefits that can be obtained when we install national media backlinks through press release services. The following are the benefits that can be obtained when we use online media publication services as the selected promotional media. Among others are:

1. Increase Brand Awareness

The public’s attention to the company and the business being undertaken will increase by publishing articles to the national media. It can be said that the national media currently has many readers from all over Indonesia, so if you use online media publication services, your brand will have high awareness.

2. Strengthen Website Backlinks

For those of you who are already using the website as an online promotion medium, then you must use the off page SEO method by installing quality national media backlinks. This will increase the possibility that your website can appear on the first page of a Google search with certain keywords. The publication of this article to the national media can be useful for the structure of the website you have.
3. The Price of Online Media Publication Services is Very Affordable

For wallet problems, this press release service is quite affordable for the size of an existing business. Because the benefits of social media backlinks will greatly support the growth of your brand. You can choose which portal you want to publish articles to the national media.

4. Reach Many Internet Users

Internet users in Indonesia are very high. This is a gap that can be used to inform the company or business that is being undertaken to the public who often open national media portals. By publishing articles to national media, the company will be more famous and in line with the business branding activity plan.

Best Press Release Service Only at Ferry Agency

Then how can you publish articles to the national media? All technical problems like that can be left to the experts, namely the Feri Agency. Feri Agency provides article publishing services to selected national media outlets.

Feri Agency can install Dofollow backlinks (hyperlinks) in articles, besides that it can advertise using articles that have hard selling types. Another advantage of using a press release service at Feri Agency is that it can be published quickly on the same day. So articles that will be published can be directly broadcast in several selected national media.

For security, you don’t need to worry because the national media articles that are used for publication are already legally bound by cooperation with the Feri Agency. So the article will be permanent forever.

There are several national media options to choose from. Among them are,,,,,,,, and so on. And for partners who have collaborated with Feri Agency, for example, blibli, bloomi, Top1, Bukuwarung, DBS, Shopee, bioderma, free of charge, and so on.

There are many benefits and advantages if you use press release services at the Feri Agency. So, what are you waiting for, immediately use Feri Agency to publish articles in national media and feel the benefits that can be obtained. Good luck!

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