BREAKING We will help PDP lose election – Wike

BREAKING We will help PDP lose election – Wike

BREAKING We will help PDP lose election – Wike. The governor of Rivers State has promised to aid in the PDP’s defeat in the 2023 presidential election.

At the internal road’s Thursday commissioning ceremony in the Omerelu hamlet of Rivers’ Ikwerre local government area, the governor issued the threatening statement.

In response to recent remarks made by Iyorchia Ayu, the PDP National Chairman, the governor claimed that Ayu was acting arrogantly.

“Doctor Ayu stated we are children,” he remarked. Yes, you were pulled out of the trash by kids to become chairman.

We will assist you now that we have learned that you do not want the party to win the election.

“These are the kids you claimed we are; the ones who created you from nothing.

“Ayu, you claimed to have started this party, but you left in 2007. You started a business, left it, and people worked to build it into what it is now. You have no moral standing to return and continue to claim that you started the business since you departed with the company’s shares.

You must persuade Nigerians of our integrity if you want to demonstrate our desire to rule the country with integrity.

“You will be the one driving the car that will take us to our destination. That would be the victory we seek.

“How can you persuade Nigerians if the driver lacks moral character and cannot demonstrate honesty?

If you promise something to Nigerians but can’t follow through, would you make good on your word after you gain power?

Nigerians want to be careful because they have seen how unappreciative some of you can be. If we give these individuals authority, are you sure they would also be grateful to Nigerians?