Colouring of palm oil, hazardous, illegal – Cross River govt warns sellers

Colouring of palm oil, hazardous, illegal – Cross River govt warns sellers

Ogbiji Nyiam, the director general of the Cross River Commodity and Quality Control Board, has sternly cautioned people who intentionally color palm oil to stop because it can kill unwary consumers.

He said that the chemicals and harmful colorings used to improve the product’s look were employed.

On Friday in Calabar, he said during an urgent meeting with traders, sellers, and local buying agents.

He said that the state government was taking action to prevent palm oil vendors from adding coloring to the oil to improve its appearance.

He emphasized once more the need for secure and protected agricultural commodity production.

The board would conduct inspections, particularly of goods produced in the state, such as palm oil, which is dyed with chemicals to make it appear more appetizing to consumers.

The compounds in the chemicals used to color the palm oil can be hazardous and even fatal to unwary users.

He stated that the state needed to regulate the import and export of goods and that produce quality checks to ensure that it met acceptable standards must be taken seriously.

In order to ensure that palm oil and other products are fit for human consumption or industrial use in the state, the board’s management always takes action.

“In accordance with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001-2015 standards, we must develop a Cross River brand of quality management system (QMS).

He said, “Producers and merchants should cooperate with the board for maximum quality because Nigerians deserve the best.”


The chairman of the Association of Oil Merchants in Cross River, Danlami Saleh, also spoke and vowed to respect and work with the Board to make sure that the products are safe for consumption by people.