Don’t become tools of devastation for politicians, a group warns young people.

Youths in Taraba and across the nation have been urged to abstain from actions that could compromise the country’s current level of security.

Uten Hikon, the first chairman of the Nigerian Taraba State Youth Council, issued the plea on Friday as Jalingo, the state capital, celebrated the 2022 International Youth Day.

Hikon urged them to abstain from actions that would cut short their goals since he thought that the youth held the nation’s future in their hands.

We challenge adolescents to be proponents of peace and development rather than allowing them to be exploited as tools by some politicians and troublemakers who do not have the best interests of the state at heart, the speaker stated.

He urged the kids to cooperate with the TYCN, which he claimed to be the state’s highest youth organization, and to keep their distance from selfishness, emotion, avarice, and backstabbing.

Hikon further cautioned the youths to abstain from any behavior that is detrimental to growth and to avoid thuggery or inciting others to violence.

He urged the state committee in charge of hiring civil servants to move quickly and requested that the state governor provide his final approval.

Today’s focus is on the part that young people play in bringing about change, addressing global concerns, and attaining sustainable development.

It also provides a chance to increase public awareness of the difficulties and issues that young people around the world face.

This year’s International Youth Day is being observed amid a difficult economic climate, banditry, kidnapping, intolerance, and escalating Boko haram and ISWAP activities throughout the nation.