Facing Industry 4.0, Manufacturing Companies Must Use This Software

Facing the industrial era 4.0, companies must be able to keep up with technological developments, one of which is by digitizing the processes of their business activities.

Some foreign companies have even implemented artificial intelligence or AI into their operations. Even so, you don’t have to force yourself to do the same.

There is the best option that can be applied in your company, namely by relying on manufacturing software.

It should also be noted that the manufacturing industry is an industry that moves quickly and has a very busy need, especially in the production process. In this 4.0 era, it is no longer relying on tools but in the form of software but still with the same concept, namely building collectivity and efficiency.

To be able to survive in this technological era, here are some software that manufacturing companies must use.

Software Manufacturing Equipment

This software serves to eliminate unnecessary processes, reduce unplanned activities, prevent bottlenecks in the production process, optimize scheduling and allocation of production resources, to add business value.

This software is equipped with modern features, including:

  • Manufacturing orders. Make it easier for manufacturers to provide instructions and determine the production process of the product to be made, starting from the amount, how much material is needed, and the start time of its implementation.
  • Work orders. Makes it easy for you to manage work series information and define lists for each task in the work series.
  • Order planning. Manufacturers are facilitated in managing and changing production schedules and planning the resources needed in the production process.
  • Bill of materials. This feature helps manufacturers create the formulas needed to manufacture a product and determine its components.

Inventory Management Software

The manufacturing process is closely related to inventory, such as K3 equipment, spare parts, machinery, and other equipment. With this software, companies can control stock take (calculate stock of goods), classify, accommodate, and evaluate the value of the inventory.

The following features are included in the inventory management system, namely:

  • Stock management. Set the minimum inventory limit and put up an alert when the stock in the warehouse starts to approach the minimum limit.
  • Procurement management. Reordering can be done automatically but for certain items to suppliers when supplies are running low.
  • Supplier management. All complete information about suppliers is stored safely and neatly, making it easier to find suppliers who provide the best offers.
  • Forecasting. Knowing goods that are in high demand becomes easier and helps predict material needs in the future so as to prevent unnecessary purchases of goods.

Supply Chain Management Software

Manufacturing companies need simplification in the supply chain in order to speed up the production process. With this software, companies can manage the distribution of goods from raw material producers to finally reach consumers.

Its features must be able to support in forecasting the supply of goods, managing, to facilitate ordering, tracking the distribution of goods, and proper return management.

Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM software makes it easy for you to predict what will be needed in the future by using lean manufacturing techniques and automation of customer demand.

CRM software must have the following features:

  • Customer management. Manufacturers must be able to manage complete information on prospective customers and current customers easily.
  • Sales pipeline management. Allows the sales team to create and monitor sales, track their status, and analyze sales opportunities.
  • Email marketing. The marketing team creates and personalizes promotional campaigns to customers according to market segmentation.
  • Sales report. Makes it easy for producers to obtain complete information about the advantages and disadvantages of sales, analyze customers and prospective customers who are in prospects, clearly know sales turnover, and so on.
  • Sales force management. The sales manager will be assisted in distributing potential customers to the right salespeople while monitoring their performance.

Accounting Software

To meet the need for good financial management and corporate accounting, accounting software may be the first thing needed.

The complete accounting features of the RedERP software along with its financial reporting application can help companies abandon excel functions completely. That way, the company’s finances and accounting can be managed properly and correctly.

Accounting software with the most complete features must be able to record the entire transaction process in real time and of course cloud-based. In addition, it also functions to create invoices, record cash flow flows, track missed costs, and connect with banks.

You can find all of the above software in a single software system called RedERP. One software but able to summarize all business processes in manufacturing companies. By relying on RedERP, your company is ready to face the 4.0 era.