Get to Know Profitable Crypto Asset Investments with Crypto Magic

Crypto asset investment is currently a widely discussed topic among the public. Crypto assets are used as today’s investment instruments that are very easy to trade. Crypto assets are starting to attract a lot of attention from big investors both domestically and abroad.

Crypto assets or more often we hear the term cryptocurrency are digital investment instruments that are currently a commodity that is traded through the cryptocurrency exchange market.

Crypto Asset Investments

You need to know that trading crypto assets is very safe because all data related to transactions can only be known by the sender and recipient. In addition, crypto assets have a decentralized system and use blockchain technology.

Crypto Asset Investing at a Glance

Therefore, some big-name investors are looking at crypto assets to benefit from crypto prices that can go up or down. Not only that, the blockchain technology that supports the trading of crypto assets is the main reason why many big investors are ogling.

Crypto assets are currencies that use a cryptographic system and are designed as digital currencies, ie where transactions take place between buyers and sellers without any third party involved. These crypto assets are virtual, and present digitally using a peer-to-peer system.

This cryptographic system is contained in blockchain technology which is a collection of several blocks that are connected to each other. And each block only allows one transaction to occur which is always verified by each node.

This makes it impossible for a transaction to be faked. The presence of blockchain technology allows developers to further refine existing systems.

Therefore, the security of transactions and the absence of crypto asset spending events more than once, then investing in crypto assets can be an option for you and investors to enter the profitable world of cryptocurrencies.
Crypto Asset Investment Using Crypto Magic

Then how can we participate in investing in crypto assets easily? Now comes the Crypto Magic application from Magic. Ajaib is an online application that is used for safe, affordable and reliable investments.

Well, now Magic comes with the newest product, namely the Crypto Magic application. Especially for those of you who want to invest using crypto digital assets in a very easy way.

The Crypto Magic Application is used to make buying and selling transactions of all available crypto assets. And also this application can be helpful for novice investors who want to get better returns by investing in crypto assets.

The ease of using the application as well as education about crypto assets will further help the public in understanding the buying and selling transactions of crypto assets for future profits.


Montreal, Canada – 28 February 2018: Stacked cryptocurrency coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoins)

How to Invest in Crypto Magic

Of course, it is very easy to be able to invest in Crypto Magic, because this application is here because of the ease of investing using crypto digital currency. Here’s how to invest using the Crypto Magic Application that you must know.

Download the Crypto Magic app on Playstore or AppStore. Or download the Crypto Magic Application via the following link.
If you are a new user, you must first register an account in the application. Or if you previously had a Magic account, you can log in using a Magic account.
Fill in personal data such as name, email and password.
Verify email by clicking the “open email” button on the Crypto Magic application.
After the official account is verified, then complete your personal data.
After that, it will go through the identity verification stage using a selfie video.
Then open your investment account by entering the Bank name and No. The account you want to withdraw from, then confirm your account.
Read carefully the terms and conditions that apply before proceeding to affix a digital signature.
Enter and create a pin to make transactions in the Crypto Magic application later.
The registration process is complete, and your account will be verified in a maximum of 4 working days.

Crypto Magic

Benefits of Using Crypto Magic Apps?

This Crypto Magic application is very easy to use, because it has a contemporary appearance and ease of use. In addition, there are several excellent features that this Crypto Magic application has, including:
Practical and Easy to Use

This Crypto Magic application has a user friendly dashboard display, that way you will more easily understand the interface in this Crypto Magic application. In addition, you can invest anywhere, anytime just by using the smartphone you have.
More Comprehensive Features

Investing in crypto assets certainly cannot be separated from the community and the surrounding environment. You need to communicate about the crypto world to get the most out of it. With the convenience of transactions such as sending and receiving (send & receive) crypto assets easily with your community and friends.
Cheap Transaction Fee Only 0.1%

Transactions in Crypto Magic have many benefits, one of which is very cheap transaction fees, which are only 0.1% of the total number of transactions you make.

This fee also includes Maker-Taker. With transparent transactions like this, you will enjoy the ease of investing and buying and selling crypto assets in this Crypto Magic Application.
Safe and Reliable and Supervised by BAPPEBTI

Currently, there are many fraudulent investments that can be detrimental because they are not supervised by BAPPEBTI. In this Crypto Magic application, all digital asset buying and selling activities are licensed and supervised by BAPPEBTI. So that all digital asset buying and selling transactions are always safe and reliable.
Sell/Buy BTC, ETH and Other Crypto Assets

Crypto assets available on the blockchain such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Alt coin, tokens and so on can be traded in this Crypto Magic Application. So you can make transactions on the exchange market easily.

The world of digital assets is currently on the rise, making investors look to the crypto world as a profitable opportunity in the future. The presence of the Crypto Magic application is a solution for those of you who want to try to be involved in the world of crypto assets by making investments and buying and selling transactions carried out in this Crypto Magic application.

Easy-to-use and safe transactions even for beginners. These various advantages are the main reasons why you should try this Crypto Magic application.

Come on, install and download the Crypto Magic application immediately to start investing. Also keep an eye on various interesting promos on the Crypto Magic website and the @ajaib_investasi social media account. Come on, #Magic Your Investment with Crypto Magic!