Guide to Choosing an Attractive Company Name

What do people see when they first buy something online? The company name of the store is one of the most important points in the business as the attention of potential consumers. Then, how do you choose an attractive online shop name?

Guide to Choosing an Attractive Company Name

Zaporozhye, Ukraine – May 26, 2015: Photo of a logotype collection of well-known world brand’s printed on paper. Include Coca-Cola, YouTube, Pepsi, Canon, McDonald’s, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and more others logo.

In addition to paying attention to trends, there are many things that you can use as an online shop name choice such as narrative of the brand, target market, and availability of domains. Yok, read in full the steps for choosing a company name in this article!

Enter Your Brand Narrative

The narrative that you present can create a brand image, you know. A strong brand identity can make loyal consumers loyal too. Therefore, choosing a company name can be started by determining what narrative you want to give to the target market.

For example, what do you think when you first hear the brand name “lacoco en nature”? Because there is the word “nature”, you can assume that this brand has a natural element.

That’s right, the lacoco brand takes some of its core ingredients from nature. The identity of “lacoco en nature” is a brand that continues to grow and synergize with nature.
Short and Simple

Of course you want the company name to be easy to remember. Keeping it short and simple can help potential customers easily remember the name of your store. How to choose a short and simple online shop name?

You can create one by following these steps:

Write the keywords of your business. Example: donuts.
From those keywords, look for words that are similar and can be played with. Example: donuts soaked (dunked) in melted sugar → dunkin’ donuts
Search for 1-2 syllables only. Example: shopee (read: sho-pi), tokped (read: tok-ped).
Whenever possible, look for words that have rhythm. For example: dunkin’ donuts, krusty krab.

Unique and Different from Others

A unique name will also be easily remembered by potential consumers. To make, you can follow two steps, namely through the abbreviation or name itself. The abbreviation that is interpreted may or may not be appropriate for the product.

For example, “compass” as a summary of a comprehensive price and analytics system. This is related to the product that compas sells, namely e-commerce analytical data.

You can also use your own name, you know. This relates to the individual branding and image you want to present. There have been many brands that use the name of the owner, for example Neil Patel who uses his own name as a brand.

Avoid Foreign Terms

Even though it must be unique and different, the use of words that are too foreign can also make your brand difficult to remember. In addition, the use of symbols can also complicate the name of your store.

For example, you use the hyphen symbol (-) in the shop name. When a colleague asks your brand name, it will be a little difficult to explain the hyphen because not everyone knows it.

In short, avoiding the use of unfamiliar symbols and terms can make it easier for you to explain your brand name and make it memorable.
Match with Target Market

Also match the name of your online shop with the company’s target market. If you want to make cosmetics with a target market of teenagers to young adults, it’s impossible for you to use ancient terms that they don’t understand.

Use terms that are well-known in that age group. For example, Emina has a target market of teenagers to young adults. Therefore, the use of words used is also friendly and follows the style of the target market.
Make Sure Your Store Name As Domain

When you have chosen the name of the online shop, look for info on what name is available. Don’t let it be when you find the same name as there seems to be a website that uses that name.

Of course this comes into mind if you plan to use the web as one of the company’s marketing channels. One of the steps to check it by searching on google first.

You can drop a comment on your company name and the services or product you intend to render, let us help you access it, to know if they blend well.