Guide to Starting a Cosmetics Business from Zero to Success

Many people want to know by starting a cosmetic business because the demands from consumers are increasing day by day. Not only women, men are starting to take care of their skin a lot. In addition, the use of skincare usually begins when you are a teenager. Want to get into this business but confused about the trick? Know how to do it!

Steps to Start a Cosmetics Business from Zero

Skincare is a necessity whose demand is increasing day by day. It is not surprising that now many skincare manufacturers have appeared. On the other hand, the sellers are also increasing. Interested in trying? Here are some guidelines and steps for running a cosmetics business:

Guide to Starting a Cosmetics Business from Zero to Success

Set Business Mode

The first thing you have to do is determine your business mode. This can be equated with the budget you have.

If you don’t have real money, you can choose to sell as a dropshipper or open a courier service. Both of them can be done online and only with a capital of time and a cellphone.

If you have capital but the amount is small, it is recommended that you sell it as a reseller. You can sell products from 1 brand or from several brands at once. Well, if you have a large enough capital, you can try to create your own brand.

Do Market Research

This one guide is a basic guide for all businesses, including skincare businesses. You must do market research to find out what customers are looking for and need.

During research, you will learn about the selling value of products to marketing tactics from competitors. Explore competitors according to your preferred business mode, yes!

At this stage, you can also start looking for cosmetic vendors. If you decide to sell as a jastip, dropshipper, and reseller, you can start selling as soon as possible when you find an accurate vendor.


Different makeup products

Product Development

The next step to start a skincare business for those of you who want to create your own brand is to do product development.

There are two options in terms of production, you can open your own laboratory or you can use the services of a cosmetic maklon factory. Maklon will help you produce skincare with your own brand according to your wishes.

So you can consult with the Maklon faction about the brand you want to make and the Maklon faction will help in the food production process to the issue of granting product marketing permits.

Set Target Market

Determining the target market is something that you cannot miss in business. Skincare itself has various types, some are targeted depending on certain types of skin problems, some are based on gender, some are targeted at a certain age.

Nach, what kind of product do you want to make yourself? What special products have skin whitening benefits? Products to resist aging? Skincare for men?

You must also determine in what range you will sell some of your products. Is the target middle to upper, middle, or lower middle?
Set Brand

Selection of skincare brands is important, especially for those of you who want to produce your own.

If you are a reseller or dropshipper, you don’t need a brand for your product, but you still need your store branding. If you want to produce skincare with your own brand, then you have to choose a brand name that is easy to remember, presents your product, and is attractive.

After finding a brand name, don’t forget to register it, so that no one else uses that name. If you use a tolling service, usually they will help with the copyright registration process for your brand.

Product Packaging Design

You can’t underestimate the problem of product packaging, right? Quality products can decrease in value if the packaging is less attractive. Besides that, for skincare, you have to really think about packaging.

Some types of skincare may have special packaging so that their role is always protected. For example, a vitamin C serum whose packaging does not penetrate the eye and must have an application that is not easily exposed to air.