Hannochs Best Smart Light Products for Home Lighting Convenience

The need for lighting for the home is one of the important factors that must be met for comfort when in the house. As technology develops, lamps as a source of lighting have various innovations. One of them is a smart lamp from Hannochs.

Products for Home Lighting

The need for lighting in the household is very much, it can be used to illuminate the living room, terrace, family room, garden, and various other lighting needs. Maximum lighting will affect comfort in everyday life.

By using smart lights, families will always feel at home with bright and clear lighting. This will affect our mood to feel comfortable and at home in the house. The combination with current technology will make it easier to operate lights and various other electrical devices in a smart home ecosystem.

Hannochs at a Glance

Hannochs is a company that was founded in 1997, based in the city of Medan. Hannochs provides a wide range of lighting needs and a wide variety of electrical devices. Some of Hannochs’ products include energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, and lamps to illuminate projects. Hannochs products are now spread and present in various cities in Indonesia.

For example, the Hannochs Smart Bulb LED Futura 02 product, this product is the second generation of smart lights with #BerjutaEkspresi. Smart lamps are currently the choice of many families to meet the needs of lighting that is more effective and efficient.

Hannochs is present in the community to meet the need for bright and comfortable lighting. The various interesting features of the Hannochs smart lamp will be useful, because it is very easy to use, and can be combined with various technological features such as WiFi and bluetooth.

Currently, Hannochs has received various awards such as winning TOP Brand & Superbrands 2022. And this award has been won for 3 consecutive years, namely 2020, 2021, 2022. Therefore, Hannochs can be used as the product of choice that has been proven to have good quality for lighting matters inside the house, outside the house as well as in ongoing development projects.
Types of Sophisticated Products from Hannochs

Sophisticated lighting products are currently one of the many requests from the public. Besides being effective in their use, smart lights from Hannochs are also easier to use.

Of the several types of smart lights produced by Hannochs, there are some that have the most advanced features in their class. The following are types of smart lighting products from Hannochs to meet your household needs, including:

LED Bulb

LED lights are used for lighting that can be adapted to the needs of daily lifestyles. Hannochs has several product options as follows.
Bluetooth LED Bulb

One of the LED bulb products from Hannochs has many fans. Modern lamps that are easy to use without a Wifi connection to operate. This Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb uses bluetooth technology for connectivity.

Genius LED

This light is a combination of LED lights and emergency lights. So that in operation this lamp will automatically turn on when the electricity goes out. In addition, this lamp can be charged and can function as an emergency light.

LED New Tricolor

This latest breakthrough lamp from Hannochs has three colors of light in one lamp, with just the click of a switch you can change the color of the light. The available colors are White Light (920 lm), Yellow Light (880 lm), Yellowish White Light (1000 lm).

LED Click & Dim

Has three stages of Bright Light that can be selected as needed. To change the bright and dim light, just ON-OFF the lamp. Click 1 has 10 watts, Click 2 has 4 watts, Click 3 has 1.5 watts.

LED Light Sensor

This LED Light Sensor has an interesting feature. This LED lamp uses solar light sensor technology. The light will automatically turn on when it is dark and turn off when it is bright.

LED Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor LED light is an LED light that will automatically turn on when it detects motion. Vice versa, the LED lights will turn off automatically when the sensor does not detect any movement around the lights within 30 seconds.

Anti Mosquito LED

This LED lamp functions as a mosquito repellent, because it produces a yellowish light (530~590 nm) which mosquitoes do not like. Therefore mosquitoes will not like it when this light is on, this will protect the house from mosquitoes that roam.

LED Music Lamp

This LED light has a power of 6W with a 3W Bluetooth Speaker. Bluetooth used is the latest version with a radius of up to 10 meters. LED Music Lamp is perfect for those of you who often listen to music accompanied by light according to the beat of the song.

Decorative LED Lights

In addition to the types of products described above, there are still many Hannochs products that also have advantages and are easy to use. In addition, it will be better combined if your home uses a Smart Home system.

Some of Hannochs’ other advanced products are Decorative Easy III Tricolour LEDs, Click & Dim LED Lamps, New Aurora LED Lamps. Of course, of the many types of lighting products for Hannochs lighting, each has its own advantages.

This type of LED lamp is used as a decorative lamp for indoor and residential purposes. There are several choices of Decorative LED lighting products, including the following.

LED Decorative Easy III Tricolour

This Decorative Easy III Tricolour LED lamp will beautify your home and residence. This lamp has 3 colors of light that can be adjusted according to needs. This type of LED lamp is available in round and square shapes, can be adapted to your home decor plan.

To change the color of the light, you simply press the ON-OFF button on the switch, then the color of the light will change according to your needs. This Decorative Easy Tricolor III LED lamp has a light weight and is combined with an elegant lamp model, therefore it will be very suitable to be installed in offices, gardens, cafes, homes and others.

Led Decorative Panel Click & Dim

For those of you who want to adjust the level of light to dim in LED lights, now Hannochs presents a Click & Dim LED light product. The Click & Dim LED light is a light feature that has 3 different levels of light in 1 light bulb, and can be adjusted according to your needs.

This lamp is also equipped with a Memory Function feature (a feature that reminds the last watt that was turned on). Click & Dim lights have 2 types, namely IBR (In Bow Round) and IBS (In Bow Square).

Led New Aurora

The latest products and types from Hannochs are quite unique. This lamp has 2 light color choices in 1 lamp and uniquely this lamp can change color with just 1 click. One click will make the outer ring mode turn on, the second click will make the inner ring light up. Clicking 3 will make the inner and outer rings light up at the same time. Let’s liven up the atmosphere in your room to be more comfortable with Led New Aurora from Hannochs.


To create a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere in the house, it must be supported by a good lighting and lighting system and has various features that are easy to use. From the several types described above, you can choose the type of lamp from Hannochs with various interesting features that are easy to use.

Hannochs is present in the community to focus on customer satisfaction in using Hannochs products. In addition, Hannochs will also continue to provide products with guaranteed quality at competitive prices.

So, have you been able to decide which of the best Hannochs smart lighting products to use in your home, outdoors, or in construction projects? Let’s choose Hannochs to create a comfortable home and make all family members feel at home.