How Can Online Learning Be Fun

5 Ways to Make Online Learning Be Fun

Despite the fact that schools are planning full-time full-time education in the fall, not all universities in our country will return to their usual work. And do not forget that now every second person takes an online course. Because it is more convenient and faster.

But even an online lesson can be boring and difficult, so today we will share with you 5 ways to diversify the lesson so that it is fascinating, and the information in it is easily absorbed.

How Can Online Learning Be Fun

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Let’s get started?


Something that Generation Z representatives will definitely approve of. Games for them are a familiar way to relax, so if you can introduce its elements into training, you will definitely win the interest of students.

Look, there is an option to enter a character who will take the course with the students. You can also teach a lesson based on the scenario of a story story. If you want to get acquainted with the format, pay attention to the video game The Walking Dead, where the scenario also changes from each selected action.


Haka… what? Don’t panic, the word is complicated, but in fact everything is simpler. The term originated in the IT environment, where a hackathon was an event where specialists from different fields solve a problem for a while. If you remember the school Olympiads, you may be familiar with this format. It can be arranged in the form of a role-playing game or simply give students a task and divide it into teams. Just don’t forget to come up with an interesting prize for those who will do better. You know, motivation.


Or living an experience as close to reality as possible. Of course, if you develop your own project, it will require a lot of investment and time, but if training is within a large corporation, then why not?

Sberbank, for example, uses simulations of the dynamic World of Banks system — a joint development of Sberbank Corporate University and Oliver Wyman. The goal is to achieve certain business performance indicators without violating risk limits and regulatory standards.


Does everyone remember the lab work from school? Yes, when there were not enough microscopes for everyone, and the chemistry teacher did not allow taking reagents in her hands, because even H2O in the hands of some students looked somehow threatening.

But in online classes, you can also conduct research. The first thing that comes to mind is to give a task to analyze the hero of the book and ask the students to identify his soft skills.

If we study English, we can send students short videos where a celebrity from Nigeria gives an interview to a foreign reporter, and ask them to determine the approximate level of language proficiency.

Debates/round table

Unite the students! Let them communicate, express their opinions, solve problems together or work in pairs. This allows you to hone your skills faster and make new acquaintances. And do not forget that some people buy online courses precisely in order to get into the society of like-minded people, so if you close this need, then the plus sign in karma is definitely yours.

That’s something like that (and nothing else).

By the way, have you met any unusual methods of involvement in the courses? If yes, then share in the comments. We’ll listen too.

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