Kaduna Police warn against lynching of suspects

Kaduna Police warn against lynching of suspects

Kaduna Police warn against lynching of suspects. On Wednesday, the Kaduna State Police Command issued a warning against lynching, mob action, and extrajudicial executions in the state.

In a statement released and signed by DSP Mohammed Jalige, he claimed that CP Y. A. Ayoku, the commissioner of police, had expressed serious outrage at the unacceptable killings of suspected individuals by mob actions and had warned the public to refrain from engaging in such unlawful behavior because anyone caught would face severe punishment, adding that the barbaric act could not be justified under Nigerian law.

The statement claims that it is everyone’s duty under the law to turn over anybody suspected of any violation or crime to the police or other relevant security/law enforcement agency, regardless of the level of suspicion.

“The CP has guaranteed that the current investigations into the matter of the recent event of October 2, 2022 when two herders were killed by a mob in Birnin Gwari will be comprehensive.

In the statement, it was said that “anyone caught either directly or tangentially involved in the filthy and repulsive crime will face the repercussions of their unlawful activity as the entire weight of the law will be brought against them.”

He warned Kaduna State citizens to constantly avoid the urge to use force or self-defense because the command would not stand by while evildoers acting under any pretext engage in activities that might jeopardize the state’s peace and security.

The commissioner of police also gave the populace assurances that Kaduna State’s security forces would keep up their relentless efforts to put an end to any criminal activity there.

In order to fulfill their shared responsibility of protecting the state, “the CP asks for all hands to remain on deck while requesting the collaboration of all segments of society,” he stated.