Nigerian economic challenges are man-made – Olusegun Aderemi

Nigerian economic challenges are man-made – Olusegun Aderemi

Dr. Olusegun Aderemi, an industrialist with a base in Lagos, has said that the economic issues facing the nation are man-made and the product of those in positions of power.

Aderemi, the Atayero of Aramoko, Ekiti, also advocated for youth education regarding the distinction between goods that provide value and those that do not.

This occurred while Reverend Dr. Emmanuel Aribasoye, Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Ekiti State, bemoaned the country’s escalating insecurity.

The conference’s president, Aribasoye, stated, “Nigerians must watch and be cautious as they pray. They cannot just acquiesce in the perpetrators’ daily killing of them by throwing up their hands.

They spoke following the first tenure recognition service for Dr. Aribasoye, president of the Ekiti Baptist Conference.

The 2022 Ekiti Baptist Conference in-session included a service at First Baptist Church, Anaye Aramoko Ekiti that included special honors and praise for conference officers.

“It is not the act of God that we should have a horrible economy, it is man-made, and the political elite is accountable for this owing to their selfish goals and without the interest of the masses at heart,” said Aderemi, who was given “The Icon of Faith” award by the conference.

“Until we come to realize this, then we will be having better economies,” says the speaker, “this keeps going on and on, and at the end of the day, the majority of citizens suffer for their activity.” Speaking on the get-rich-quick mentality and using dubious methods to obtain wealth among Nigerian youth, he claimed that they seek financial gain at the expense of adding value.

“Any irresponsible person can be wealthy, but it does not imply that they are valuable. As a result, we ought to be able to recognize what is valuable and draw a boundary between it and other things.

“You create value, and once you have value, money will come to you,” the saying goes. However, what today’s youth don’t fully comprehend is that they desire money, and they use a lot of it to pursue ideals that are less important.

He gave Mr. Biodun Oyebanji, the state’s incoming governor, advice on how to improve agriculture, education, public welfare, and other areas during his term in office.