#NoNutNovember: Meaning and Why it’s trending

It’s no news that #NoNutNovember is trending on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and other social media. We will take you through the meaning and why it is trending. According to Wikipedia, “No Nut November” is an internet challenge revolving around abstinence from masturbation, sex and ejaculation (or colloquially “to nut”) during the month of November.

It was gathered that so many people can’t stay a week without having sex! Trust me, Some cannot survive a day without sex, “If you ask me how, My friend Na who I go ask”. Yeah, So there’s an Online challenge that says otherwise though.

According to the Information I gathered, #NoNutNovember was founded in year 2011 but was not really practiced until year 2017. Hmmm, really? Yes, but it wasn’t popular not until, late 2019. originally intended to be satirical (More like a joke) but some took it serious in year 2020. So the question is, Why is it trending Now.

#NoNutNovember: Meaning

Reason why #NoNutNovember is Trending

According to African believe, the last 4 month of the year is always special, dangerous and filled with Ups and downs, because many families have projects to be completed before the year runs out. So people get so serious in these months, especially, November and December. One basic truth is, anyone who gives himself or herself to sexual activities tend to spend money, either directly (to hookups) or indirectly (to network provider for streaming or even to ad*lt websites). So you cannot be serious with your project and also lavish money on freeky ladies. “Yeah, My thought anyway”.

That being said, ever wondered why it is not called #NonutDecember or any other month?. based on my own little idea, I’ll say December is for Flexing, that’s why many will say that they want to Dirty December. It’s a two way point or we say position. You cannot hold your money and get the enjoyment. It’s either you drop the money and enjoyment start running to you. make sense right?.

In Summary, We start planning for the next year as early as November and even earlier than that. So we need full focus in November so as to work for maximum enjoyment in December and the following year. So we say; #NoNutNovember.

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