Olota lauds Gov Abiodun for repairing FG roads in Ota axis

Olota lauds Gov Abiodun for repairing FG roads in Ota axis

Gov. Abiodun is praised by Olota for restoring the FG roads in the Ota axis.

pledges the Awori monarchs’ backing for the governor’s candidacy for a second term

Abeokuta’s Bankole Taiwo

The Ogun State administration has been commended for taking the initiative to rehabilitate federally owned roads near Ota and its surroundings by the Olota of Ota, Oba Adeyemi Obalanlege.

The monarch paid the compliment while leading other Awori traditional leaders to pay the state governor, Dapo Abiodun, a courtesy visit in his office. The visit was organized by the Awori Obas Forum and the Olota in-Council.

He expressed shock at the town’s shoddy federal roads, saying it had put the locals through a lot of difficulty.

The Olota grieved that lengthy years of neglect had forced the state government to take responsibility for maintaining the roads in order to lessen the suffering of the people, despite noting that the state government has no business fixing roads that belong to the government at the center.

“Let me start by saying that while it is not the responsibility of state governments to take over federal roadways, because the federal government has refused to maintain these roads, the Ogun State Government intends to do so in order to benefit the residents of Ota and the surrounding Awori axis.

Therefore, we are entirely in favour of everything that will make people happy and lessen their pain. The governor has the support of all Awori Obas in his efforts to see that these roads are repaired, the monarch declared.

In order to expeditiously rebuild these roads, he urged the federal government to turn them over to the state governments and reimburse them depending on the number of kilometers of federal roads that travel through each state.

Regarding the purpose of the trip, the traditional head of state stated that all regions of the state, including Aworiland, had profited from the government’s efforts, and that this impressed him and other monarchs.

“We appreciate the good work he has been doing and want to reassure him that he has our support in the upcoming election. He has performed admirably, and we are confident that when he runs for re-election, he will perform even better.

“We are all Awori Obas Forum members in Ogun State and the Olota in-Council, and we want to reassure the governor that he has our backing. They would do admirably in their second time in government because our daughter is the deputy governor, Oba Obalanlege asserted.