Policemen must respect citizens’ rights – AIG

One of the beauty of living as a human being is an access to the fundamental human rights. This has been lacking in various countries in Africa. And it was recorded that the complaint of the masses as reached the necessary quarters in the Police force.

The Assistant Inspector-General of Police, zone six, Calabar, Kola Kamaldeen has cautioned policemen that the force will no longer tolerate harassment of members of the public.

Reacting to the two recent dismissals of personnel who manhandled two civilians from the force by the Inspector General of Police, Kamaldeen said, “we want our men to be civil to members of the public. “It is from the taxes they pay to the government that our salaries are paid. We work for them. ”

The truth of the matter is that several Nigerians are used to being forced to pay money to Policemen on roads. How’re, they’re not in the agreement of Police officers trampling on their fundamental human rights to speach, movement and others.

Kamaldeen said the top hierarchy of the force had continually advised officers and men to “behave as civil as possible because they are also Nigerians.”

To know that our beautiful Armed forces has a slogan “Police is your friend”. Many people stopped believing in the idea cause of the wrath they’ve been faced with by certain police men.

“We must allow that slogan ‘Police is your friend’ to come alive positively. The AIG added

“We must be friendly to members of the public and allow the rule of law to reign,” he said.

Just like many of us know that, There are good ones among the Police forces, so also are the bad ones. However, we shouldn’t loose Hope completely in the Nigerian Armed forces because of the beautiful things some of them are doing.
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