Politics taken too far APC, PDP, others snub Ogun guber candidate, Bamgbose in death

Politics taken too far APC, PDP, others snub Ogun guber candidate, Bamgbose in death

Politicians in the State have chosen not to express their condolences for the loss of Professor David Bamgbose, the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) candidate for governor of Ogun State, who passed away just four days ago. A DAILY POST journalist discovered that Bamgbose, a diabetic, may have passed away from possible complications, especially given that he was constantly travelling around in support of his 2023 political aspirations.

All Ogun locals who had heard Bamgbose’s voice a few days before to his passing on various radio stations were shocked and dismayed by his premature passing.

His political rivals have not yet sent their condolences to his family, nevertheless.

Ogun has no less than 13 candidates on a list of candidates made public by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

According to DAILY POST, as of Monday morning, none of the other contenders for governor had expressed their sorrow and sympathies to Bamgbose’s family in a statement. Apart from Olaposi Oginni, Chairman of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), who responded to the Professor’s passing, other political figures have chosen to remain silent and carry on with business as usual.

Beyond politics, many Ogun citizens view Bamgbose as an educator who made significant contributions to the development of education in Ogun State.

In Ogun State, he was the owner of several private institutions, notably the Yewa Central College of Education in Abeokuta.

“Even if no one will recognize him for his political achievements, I believe he deserves recognition for his contributions to the growth of the Gateway State. Politics is not all that this is. Nobody knows the exact day or hour we will all pass away, an unidentified Ogun native told the Daily Post. Our source noted that none of the representatives for Bamgbose’s Yewa North and Ogun West in the House of Assembly, House of Representatives, or Senate have spoken out in response to his passing.

Adeyemi Samod, an analyst, speculated that this may be the case since they belong to different political parties from those to which Bamgbose was a member.

Along with individuals and parties, the Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) in Ogun State decided it was inappropriate to express condolences to Bamgbose’s family, his party, and the state’s residents.

Chief Dapo Adeyemi, an Action Alliance (AA) leader in Ogun State, claimed that everything depended on the desires of the various parties.

“In my opinion, everything depends on the preferences of the various parties. In a conversation with our correspondent, Adeyemi remarked, “I am aware that some parties and some people have expressed their sympathy on various social media.

Meanwhile, some Ogun State people believe that if Bamgbose had held political office, the situation would not have stayed the same.

“When Senator Buruji Kashamu died, we were all present. He was mourned by almost all of Ogun’s politicians. They made comments and visited his family alternately. Perhaps Bamgbose wasn’t all that well known. However, we must be aware that he ran for governor.

“His rival candidates ought to be in disbelief and aware that it might be anyone. Goke Samuel, a native of Abeokuta, said, “Perhaps we won’t see any more deaths like this in Ogun State

Bamgbose’s objectives for 2023

According to the DAILY POST, Bamgbose campaigned for governor under the PDP before withdrawing in favor of Adebutu in April.

In Ogun West, he was the lone candidate for senator from the party, and he won the nomination without opposition.

The native of Yewa North withdrew from the Senate contest in July, claiming that he did so at the urging of the party leadership in Ogun.

On August 27, however, the dead claimed that he had not resigned for Ganiyu Dada of his own free will.

He claimed that his name was changed without his permission.

“I began my dream on the PDP platform, but I decided to resign when I observed the conflict and division. I renounced my bid for governor in favor of Hon. Ladi Adebutu, and despite the considerable sum I spent on my campaign, I made no demands of him.

“I made the decision to run for the Ogun West Senate seat. I paid for the form. In the PDP primary, I took part. Millions of Naira were demanded from us in order to acquire the form. In the primary, I prevailed. Hon. Adebutu made the decision to go and change my name behind me soon after the primary election, he stated. Afolabi Orekoya, Adebutu’s media advisor, refuted Bamgbose’s assertion at the time, claiming that he was the one who voluntarily withdrew his desire.

Orekoya had previously stated, “It is extremely depressing for someone who is expected to be a leader and someone who strives to represent the interests of the good people of Ogun State to be mischievous and fabricate lies merely for excessive political benefits.”

He insisted that the deceased met all of INEC’s conditions for candidate substitution without Adebutu’s involvement, claiming that there had just been a dialogue between the party leadership and Bamgbose.