Popular Ekiti broadcaster, Famoroti escapes death in auto accident

Death is the least desirable experience ever, Bayo Famoroti could testify to this as he won the battle against death. Several things leads to departure of many people from this world. One of the reasons is carelessness.

At the evening period across the road in Ado Ekiti, an ace broadcaster in Ekiti, Bayo Famoroti narrowly escaped death as he could have been k*lled by a reckless driver, suspected to be Yahoo boy.

The young undergraduate drove against a traffic light and ran into Mr. Famoroti’s car at Fajuyi area of Ado Ekiti.

Narrating his ordeal, Famoroti said: “I was coming from Ojumose area and I decided to check a client at Oke Oriomi area before proceeding to Our Peoples FM for my show.

“While trying to maneuver the roundabout to Oke Oriomi axis, this young man breached the traffic light and hit my car.

“His vehicle was loaded with ladies and illicit substances”. Many will say that isn’t far from young lads of this generation.

“Immediately the incident happened, the ladies inside the car ran away” Bayo Stated. (Guess they wouldn’t want to drag case with one of the best Nigerian presenters).

“Presently, I am in shock, I cannot present the program that I am supposed to moderate by 8:17 p.m.,” he said.

At the moment, the two vehicles have been taken to the police station in Okesha, while those wounded were receiving treatment.

What we can say is that we should all abide by the traffic rules and regulations. This thing called accident can happy at the glimpse of a second. As much as we’ll pray for safety, we all should be careful how we do things.

Our prayers at theNetnaija.org is with the injured fellas to get well soon. And we also appreciate God for the safety of Bayo Famoroti.

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