Prevent Your Facebook account from being Hacked: 5 Best, Easy Ways in Nigeria, Ghana & Kenya

We all know that Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok is a must have. This is not only for entertainment purposes but also for promotional purposes. Such that, users dedicate time and energy to build their profiles and become popular on these social media platforms.

Meanwhile, the undesired truth of the matter is that, some folks also dedicate time and energy to rid people of such effort by hacking their profiles. This however, is the reason you need to save guard your accounts and prevent it from being taken away from you. This article is for you, especially if you’re in Nigerian, Ghana or Kenya (Africa). Sit tight as I take you through ways to avoid loosing your accounts to hackers.

Note: This Can work for you even if you’re not a citizen of the above listed countries

Prevent Your Facebook account from being Harcked

List of steps to Prevent your Facebook accounts from being hacked in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

  1. Make Use of a strong Password
  2. Avoid The Use of Phones that aren’t yours to access your account.
  3. Don’t Click on any websites that aren’t trustworthy.
  4. Make use of Two Step Authentication.
  5. Be Smarter

Well, it doesn’t really make sense up there, Now. I’ll explain each steps to you. Before then, you can check out Industry 4.0

Make Use of a strong Password.

Any reasonable platform you want to sign up with will definitely ask you to provide a strong Password. In fact, a smart company like Google won’t allow you to make use of a weak password for your Gmail. However, this is not the case with Meta. This is understandable because Mark want you to be able to remember your logins, days or months after your registration.

Truth be told, many old folks make use of their phone number as the password to their social media accounts. This is an easy cake for a baby hacker to eat up. Whenever you’re signing up for any Profile, Kindly make use of combinations of letters, numbers and alpha-numerics (i.e !?&$). Don’t make use of Your name or your phone number. Yeah!! We’ll move to step Two.

Do not log-in your Facebook account on another person’s phone.

(My friends are cool. So they can’t inflict pain on me. Wow! Clap yourself). I just wrote your mind from my previous sentence in this paragraph. Well, I can’t say you shouldn’t trust your friends, but then, I am begging you to stop accessing your Facebook or Instagram account on someone else’s phone. This is because the person can misplace his or her phone and the phone can end up with a wrong person.

In fact, many young internet fraudster are daily surveying, to see if they can mine any account belonging to a careless user. In a situation like this, one risk loosing his or her private chat and files to another person. This however, can be too risky, especially if you’re saving important information on your account (Not advisable though).

If you don’t have a phone and you only depend on others to access your account, then do well to log yourself out of your account before giving the phone back to them.

Getting interesting!!! grab a cup of coffee 😉

Avoid clicking on Fishing Websites.

Africa is a blessed continent, No doubt, blessed with awesome countries like South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and others. However, we cannot shy away from the fact that most citizens of these countries strive to feed themselves. This on the other end led some folks into internet fraud.

This third point is an awareness against people who intentionally set up platforms to collect your accounts from you and use it to demand for fund raising from your friends and followers. Do you know that carefulness has no side effects? and you cannot be too careful. There are people who share links of gambling websites, spamming blogs, fishing websites or even loan/ giveaway websites with you, but their intension is to hack your account.

Therefore, anytime you click on any link on Facebook. and it redirects you to a page like Facebook, asking you to log-in again. pls don’t. The best thing to do in this Case is to close your browser or your app. clear your phone cache and open your app again.

Note: 1. If you check the website you were redirected to at the top link section of your browser. You’ll notice it’s not Facebook, yet it has the same design.
2. If you return to or it’s app, you’ll notice you’re still logged in.

Make Use of Two Step Authentication.

Two Step Authentication.

This is the most reliable way to secure your account from being hacked. Trust me, you’ll never regret activating Two Factor Authentication. What does this means? (Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) works by adding an additional layer of security to your online accounts. It requires an additional login credential – beyond just the username and password)

If you’re in Nigeria, Kenya or Ghana, just follow these simple steps to activate two factor verification on your Facebook.

  • Log into your account.
  • Tap. in the top right of the app.
  • Scroll down and tap Settings, then tap Password and security.
  • Scroll down and tap Use two-factor authentication.
  • Choose the security method you want to add and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: You can have different options, ranging from your phone (mobile) number to your email address.
After successful activation of two step authentication, you’ll be sent a message containing verification code the next time you try to log into your account after supplying the username and the password. This is to be sure you’re really the one accessing your account. We can all say that this is the best way to prevent your Facebook profile from being hacked.

Be Smart.

Finally, my Ghana, Kenya and Nigerian friends. You definitely don’t have to do anything again other than to think and act smart like a computer. I am actually asking you to be the python and C++ of the social media platforms (Lols). The easy way to get smart is to go back to the four points above, digest them and make use of them.


Your Facebook or any other social media profile is so precious to you. infact, you’ve spent alot of time to grow the account. Therefore, you need to prevent the account from getting hacked by Internet fraudsters. The four basic ways to do that are; using a strong Password, access your account on your phone alone, avoid fishing or spamming websites, activate Two Factor Authentication and the fifth step is to master the four previous steps and activate them.

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