Project Unlimited Virtual Imagination with IndiHome

These footsteps were getting further and further away from an old half-collapsed building. The walls are mossy and there are some parts of the bullet holes measuring 50mm caliber, giving a very sticky feeling. With a little run, I quickly left the building that looked like an ammunition depot that had been abandoned by the soldiers for a long time.

The booming sound seemed to follow wherever my feet went, not to mention that I had to choose a path so as not to step on a landmine that could explode and kill me at any moment. With my body covered in mud and a dagger in my hand to protect myself in case someone suddenly pounced on me from behind, I continued to run to find a safe place around the military area.

I saw there was a small hut, like a dark green tent with military uniform stripes. It seemed like it could be a temporary shelter even though the wooden table was scattered formless. I’m just a civilian who was frightened after running far away from my village which was sadistically destroyed by those who were tall and armed with AK-47 weapons.

Arriving at the hut, I found a bunker with an open door. My heart felt a little relieved, because I thought this was the safest place to hide outside the tent. Without thinking I went straight into the bunker, I stepped on the vertical steps made of iron one by one down. “Tap tap tap!” Arriving at the bottom of the ground, the darkness made my visuals turn all black.

Hoping there was a lighting device in the bunker, my hands began to grope the damp and wet ground for matches or flashlights. Logically, in a bunker there should be a lighting device such as a torch or petromak. My hand touched an iron, it turned out to be an old flashlight that seemed to still function well.

Project Unlimited Virtual Imagination with IndiHome

And it turned out to be true, the item I reached for was an old flashlight that felt from its tube-like shape and had glass. I tried to turn on the switch. “Hopefully this flashlight can still turn on” I muttered to myself.
“Shallow!!” Yeah, this old flashlight is still alive even though it’s dim.
It turned out that God still saved me in a military bunker for shelter. I feel a little calm in dealing with situations like this. But unexpectedly shortly after I turned on the flashlight and I turned around.

It turns out….
I saw a muzzle of a long-barreled weapon aimed at my forehead. A man’s deep voice spoke.
“Goodbye, dude!” “Darrrrrrrrrrr” a loud explosion made the vision blur. I fell limp, and instantly the world turned dark.
Then I heard something……

I could faintly hear someone talking to me.
“Yah tangi!
It turned out that my wife’s voice had woke me up from my sleep in the afternoon before sunset.
“Wow, I’m tired, do you want to dream?, I’m Wes Wedi, Mom!”. Half conscious I chimed in with my wife who said she had woken me up for 15 minutes.
“Makane nek turu ki ojo in the afternoon, right, if you want to rip wong keweden grubag grubug og! Edhan po pie”. My wife replied, who turned out to be preparing dinner wrapped in her favorite flower negligee.
“Yes, ma’am, you want me to be torn apart by Caucasian soldiers, ma’am, show me that I’m banged up, I’m not dead, I’m screwed up, I’m really torn.” I said as I straightened the sarong I was wearing when I was sleeping.

For a moment I remember the lightning incident in my dream, a virtual imagination that is not felt, but feels very real. I wonder why can dream like that? An enamel cup filled with hot coffee actually reminded me of last night playing the World of Tanks game using my favorite computer, which was also accompanied by warm coffee with the same enamel cup pattern. World of Tanks is an online game / game that imagines a battle area between tanks in a place like my dream this afternoon.

This online game that has the FPS (First Person Shooter) genre seems to be a very real event that can be felt even if only in a dream. I was a little confused and asked, “How come?”. And I conclude, because I was so much fun playing the World of Tanks game last night, I brought the imagination of the virtual world a little into the subconscious mind and got carried away in a dream.

Wow! a unique and extraordinary experience, because indeed when playing the game I was very excited about the unlimited connection from IndiHome which provides a lag-free gaming experience because of a stable connection. It seems fun too if I discuss the relationship between the virtual world’s imagination and its projection in the real world. Because the dream I feel is very real. It’s crazy that this is an IndiHome connection from Telkom Indonesia. The benefits of the internet that I really feel in playing online games.

Game as a Real Imagination Projection to the Virtual World

Playing games has always been my hobby. When I was little, I played SEGA console games, which were a circumcision gift from my parents. A console game device that uses thick cassettes as a game program that has been packaged to a minimum, is a joy in itself when entering the weekend. Because at that time I was only allowed to play games on Saturdays and Sundays. The excitement of playing games such as Sonic, Bare Knuckle, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and other games will not forget the beautiful memories of childhood even though now he is married and has a beautiful daughter.

Along with the development of the times, graphic technology is getting better. There are several more sophisticated consoles such as Play Station, Xbox, Nontendo Wii, and so on. Until now, the progress of the internet has become one of the main assets in playing games, so game developers design games that use an internet connection as an intermediary so that every gamer can play with other gamers around the world. And now known as online games. Online games are divided into 2 devices that can be played, namely Personal Computers (PCs) and smartphones.

It is undeniable that the game world is a simple entertainment that can refresh the brain and mind when dealing with real life, which sometimes comes up with various problems. Nowadays everyone will definitely take the time to just play simple games on smartphones. Maybe while waiting, on the sidelines of work, and so on.

It is evident from the statistics on the number of gamers released by We Are Social with the latest data in January 2022. The country of Indonesia is in third place with the Most Video Game Players in the world. From this data it is evident that every user plays games, both offline games and online games in their daily lives. The report from the data noted that as many as 94.5% of internet users aged 16-64 years in Indonesia played video games as of January 2022.

We are Social also noted that the majority of internet users or 83.6% of internet users in the world who are 16-64 years old play video games using any device. Meanwhile, 68.1% of internet users use smartphones to play video games.

Until now, e-Sport (Electronic Sport) emerged as a sport that uses games as its main field. Currently, e-sports has become an official sport and has been held in inter-world and continental sports competitions such as the Asian Games. It was unexpected that the emergence of e-sports became one of the fields that had many fans, especially from gamers who had the ability in their respective games.

Talking about imagination, most gamers are smarter and have the skills to visualize the setting of a game in real life. Sometimes the imagination of a game developer is very illogical, but all users enjoy the game and seem to be immersed in the game play. It can be said that the game in a console game is a projection of real imagination into the virtual world and vice versa. Maybe you can imagine, huh? ️

Bad stigma about playing games is not only labeled as having a negative influence, on the contrary if we play games there is of course a positive influence on our lives and psychology. Some of the positive influences seem a bit hard to understand for people who don’t like games. However, as gamers, we can feel it from a different side.

A Bit of My Story Playing Online Games

During my 33 years of life, I seem to be very familiar with some of the online games that are played. The stage name alias nickname that I use in cyberspace is retroholic_xxx. A name that popped up when you first tried the online game Point Blank.

Starting overseas in the virtual world’s imagination started from an internet cafe in the Seturan area of ​​Jogjakarta. retroholic_xxx ventures into a soldier with Kriss S.V.D.’s signature weapon. Not only playing online games on the PC platform, but I also play games on the smartphone platform. Other games I’ve played include World of Tanks, League of Legends, PUBG, Mobile Legends, Free Fire, Antlatica, Dragonica, and so on.

All of these games have accompanied me in living my life when I was in college, studying, working, and until now I have a family. Many sweet memories have been obtained from playing the game. Making friends and looking for relationships from the game, became a habit at that time and continues to this day.

Until now I still have a good relationship with all my online gaming friends in cyberspace. Imagination that seems more exciting in cyberspace turns out to be more useful and has more positive value when meeting in the real world. This is an online game, everything that other people think is useless, actually still has a positive side that we can take and feel the lesson in later. And this is real!

Not only PC games, the online games that I play have also penetrated the smartphone platform. Moreover, currently downloading and installing games is very easy and can be done by everyone. The Mobile Legends game is the most durable game I’ve played until now. Because many friends also play it. Every now and then I always play together with online friends in the Mobile Legends game.

“Mbok ojo kaka is playing games, okay, my eyes are minus the blawur ngono tour, iseehh wae jammed my cellphone. Hapee terossss”. My wife suddenly squealed as I recalled the incident from the dream earlier.
“Ojo thought negatively e wae buk, playing the game ki yo ono is also beneficial. Lha wingi Ibu yo do Candy Crush to?”. I said a little annoyed.
“Candy Crush ki ming fills his free time while waiting for the vegetable soup, yooo. What’s the benefit of other games, saiki? I don’t have any HP left.” emotional rodo wife.
“Patience, mother, we don’t want to take advantage of playing games when we knock.” I approached my wife, and explained the positive effects of playing games.

Positive Effects of Playing Real World Games and Applications

It seems that the positive side of playing games is still not trusted by some people, because it is indoctrinated from the habits of small children who are busy with their own Free Fire world in the grip of their smartphones. Who would have thought, maybe from a handful of these children, there would be an e-Sport athlete who could represent Indonesia in the international arena.

Apart from all that, there are positive effects of playing games that we can feel and can actually be applied to the real world. Among others are:
Train Concentration and Focus

In playing the game, it takes full concentration to win the game. In carrying out the strategy in playing the game, of course, it must be in accordance with what was planned and studied beforehand. In addition to full concentration, playing with focus is also the main key in achieving a high score or winning the game. Likewise in everyday life, if the concentration is trained, it is guaranteed that we will be ready to face various situations and conditions.
Train Brain Creativity

When we play games, of course there are some parts that are difficult to solve. In this case, we can rack our brains to determine the strategy in playing the game. Well, this is where our brains are trained to create innovations and appropriate strategies in completing the game. In everyday life this habit will be easy to apply, we will become creative people and can solve a problem in the right way.
Hone Teamwork Skills

Game genres come in several forms. Some play single player mode, there is also team player mode. For example, the Mobile Legends game. In this game, we will play a team of 5 people and fight against the enemy team with the same number. The key to winning this game is teamwork, and determining strategy well.

In everyday life, especially at work, teamwork is the most important key in completing the tasks of the company or business that we live alone. By playing games often and practicing cooperation, it is not impossible that it will be easier to apply in our daily lives. we will more easily accept the decisions of others in the interests of the team.

Restoring Fluctuating Moods

A person’s mood can change in a short time. Whether at work or at home. There will definitely be moments where you feel irritated and your mind is stuck. Try to play games, because playing games can clear your mind, and instantly the mood will return to good as before. This is very useful if you are a moody person. Try to play games when your mood is bad, prove it a few moments later it will definitely be more cheerful and radiant.
Training Legowo Traits

Losing and winning in a game is a common thing. We will feel a little annoyed if we have not been able to finish the game in the game easily. It takes a willingness or willingness to accept defeat. This is also very related in everyday life, sometimes we have an argument over work issues with superiors and colleagues. With the legowo nature, you will be wiser in accepting any decision for the best purpose.
Adding Relationships in the Virtual World and Become Real

There are many online games that have guide/clan/team facilities such as Point Blank, Ragnarok Online, RF, Travian and so on. From a place as simple as that, I can get to know everyone from all over Indonesia, even from abroad. These associations usually continue to social media and Whatsapp groups.

Not infrequently several guild friends can become friends in the real world, because usually the guild always holds kopdar (land coffee) with all guild members per region. Starting from this meeting, relations that were previously only known in cyberspace can become friends in the real world.

Even now, my friend from online gaming 10 years ago has become a business relationship that doesn’t just play games. Every now and then I work on projects together with my game friends in the real world.
Training Event Towards e-Sport Athletes

The e-sports branch has now been recognized and became an official sport at the 2018 Asian Games. By playing games often and focusing on one type of game, all kinds of techniques and strategies will be learned with the e-Sport team you choose. It’s not impossible that if your game is good, you will be chosen to represent various national-level e-Sport events that you can participate in.

This is certainly the foundation for training mentally playing, concentration, good teamwork and so on. Maybe you can also represent the Indonesian e-Sports team at the upcoming Olympics.

Leave Bad Habits When Playing Games

Not only positive influences that can be obtained when playing games. Sometimes there are bad effects that we can get. However, we must avoid all this as much as possible. Actually, all the bad influences that arise in the game can actually be suppressed only by applying a good game and a polite personality, besides the need to be polite and think positively when playing games is a determinant of negative influences entering our habits.

There are several things that should not be done when playing games, because if this bad effect is applied, don’t expect you to feel an exciting sensation in playing the game. What we have is that we will be labeled bad by other players. Here are some things not to do when playing games. Among others are:
Saying Rude and Disrespectful

The excitement of playing games is always tainted by harsh words displayed in the chat column on the game screen. This usually happens when teammates are not adequate in terms of ability. Both strategic ability and wrong decisions when playing the game, and result in defeat for teammates.

The reflex when shouting harsh words in the game must be abandoned, because this will be imitated by our younger siblings who may be the forerunners of e-Sport athletes who will represent Indonesia in international events.
Using Illegal Applications / Cheats

Games that have many players on an online game server must have database gaps that can be modified by irresponsible people. Currently, game system security has been taken care of by game developers to prevent cheaters from entering the game.

The presence of cheaters in the game will create an exciting sensation and be dissatisfied with the ability to play the game they have. If you want to play sportsmanship, don’t occasionally use modif illegal applications or cheats to play online games with other users. In addition, your account may be permanently blacklisted by the game operator.

Improper Game Playing Time Management

When playing games sometimes we forget the time, this is what makes the younger generation in Indonesia become addicted to games without thinking about academic achievement. Whereas academic achievement is the most important thing because it will affect the future that will be lived. Moreover, young people are now familiar with various types of games on smartphones.

Set a time when playing games, and don’t play games too late. In a maximum of 24 hours a day we play games in online games for about 3 hours. Because in addition to the body will be tired, and will result in the condition of the body will be vulnerable to various diseases due to a messy lifestyle.

“Jebul, yo, it’s also useful to play games, yo? You see, Candy Crush doesn’t play, it’s useful, don’t wait for free time.” My wife is finally a little nrimo.
“Yo, it’s clear, ma’am, playing games doesn’t always have a negative effect, Grandma, we’re wise in applying it every day, there’s also benefits.” I said, sipping black coffee on the table.
“But online-online grandma, just okay, okay, do you win or not, huh?” My wife is getting curious.
“Wow, don’t you understand how our IndiHome connection is without limits? It’s not clear to the point ki bu”. I’m getting excited to share with my wife.
Realize Virtual World Imagination with Unlimited Internet Connection from IndiHome

Playing games certainly has a goal, namely to win the game and we are satisfied with what has been played in the game. One of the main factors in playing online games is connection. A stable connection and support for in-game play is a right that must be obtained by every gamer without exception.

In this case, Telkom Indonesia as the pioneer of Indonesia’s Internet is the most instrumental in the imagination of the virtual world when playing games. A little story indeed, since playing online games, I’ve always been familiar with IndiHome. Most game cafes use the IndiHome provider as a stable internet connection when playing games, at that time IndiHome still used copper cables, but it was the fastest among other providers.

In addition, the benefits of fast internet from IndiHome are the reasons for creating lag-free and stable games. Because currently using fiber optics. Until now, I use the internet from Telkom Indonesia at home to support my online activities in my daily life at home. Starting from smartphones, PCs, smart TVs, and various other devices that require the internet as a liaison and opening windows to the world in just one hand.

The presence of the myIndiHome application also makes transactions easier in the palm of your hand. You can subscribe to IndiHome, activate OTT Video Streaming, subscribe to additional features, report disturbances, check and pay bills, check myIndiHome Points, usage info, and other interesting services. This is an extraordinary innovation from IndiHome in facilitating customer convenience.
Internet Benefits for Playing Games with Unlimited Rock Connection

As a gamer, I feel how great the benefits and influence of the presence of the internet in Indonesia. Online games that incidentally require a stable ping without breaking for smooth gameplay and the creation of constant FPS (Frames Per Second).

With the internet that was created for games, the euphoria of gamers will become even more because nowadays the internet is the main key in playing online games. Here are some of the benefits of the internet that can be felt for Gamers.
Stable Connection

In a game that requires a database connection to the game server must require a constant flow of data without interruption. Currently, fiber optic technology has been created that overcomes the connection that is lost due to the distance between servers. Wired connections are proven to be better at delivering the data users need from different places.
Anti Lag Graphics

In this case it is still associated with a constant connection. In terms of graphics, it takes a small ping and FPS to prevent game delays. Especially if a gamer is in a race but from a different place. With the presence of a stable internet, the graphics will be smooth and anti-lag.
Game Streaming Smoother

The internet is needed not only for playing, but if you are a content creator, then good uploading skills from a stable internet are needed. Streaming games will run smoothly without any obstacles even though streaming is done simultaneously with games which are actually always done simultaneously and require internet that has high speed.

Game Patch Updates Get Faster

Online games are digital gaming platforms that rely on servers as well as improvements and the addition of new features. To make this happen, game developers always release the latest patch updates for the games being played. Usually the update of the game requires a large download. if you use a stable internet, then game updates will be faster, and you don’t have to wait long to enjoy your favorite games.

The increasing number of internet users and gamers in Indonesia and around the world. A smooth and stable connection for surfing the internet, playing online games, and streaming online games is very much needed. Therefore, Telkom as Indonesia’s internet has spread its wings by releasing the IndiHome Gamer service package. It’s time to start your adventure with the IndiHome Gamer service, which you can enjoy with various gamer package offers available. Feel the sensation of Unlimited Rock Connection from IndiHome.

If you already have an IndiHome Package that has been used before, then you can choose an addon to add a gamer package that will add to the thrill of the adventure of playing unlimited games with IndiHome Gamers. Some of the addon options include complete package options, mobile games, PC games, and casual games.
Unlimited Rock Connections from IndiHome Gamers

In addition, there is a choice of gamer packages from IndiHome that you can choose to turn your virtual world imagination into the real world in exciting adventures in games. Among others are:
2P Package (Internet and TV): Up to 30 Mbps Package

Minimalist package from IndiHome Gamer at a price of Rp. 399,000 per month which is equipped with free 10 minutes local and long distance facilities, 36 SD, 2P (internet and TV) channels plus IndiHome Gamer benefits and can be accessed by 7 devices.
3P Package (Internet, TV, and Phone): Up to 50 Mbps Package

Another choice package from IndiHome Gamer at a price of Rp. 615,000 per month which is equipped with 10 minutes local and long distance free facilities, 107 Channels (87 SD + 20 HD) and USeeTV GO & Disney+ Free Access, 3P (Internet + TV + Phone), Indihome Gamer Benefits & Gamepad Bonuses, and can be accessed by 12 devices.
3P Package (Internet, TV, and Phone): Up to 100 Mbps Package

Another choice package from IndiHome Gamer at a price of Rp. 965,000 per month which is equipped with free 10 minutes local and long distance facilities, 107 Channels (87 SD + 20 HD) and USeeTV GO & Disney+ Free Access, 3P (Internet + TV + Phone), Indihome Gamer Benefits & Gamepad Bonus, and can be accessed by 18 devices.
2P Package (Internet and Phone): Up to 30 Mbps Package

Another choice saving package from IndiHome Gamer at a price of Rp. 375,000 per month which is equipped with free 10 minutes local and long distance facilities, without TV, 2P (Internet + Phone) & Indihome Gamer Benefits, and can be accessed by 7 devices.
2P Package (Internet and Phone): Up to 50 Mbps Package

Another choice package from IndiHome Gamer at a price of Rp. 545,000 per month which is equipped with free 10 minutes local and long distance facilities, Free USeeTV GO & Disney+ Access, 2P (Internet + Phone), Indihome Gamer Benefits & Gamepad Bonus, and can be accessed by 12 devices.
2P Package (Internet and Phone): Up to 100 Mbps Package

Another choice package from IndiHome Gamer at a price of Rp. 895,000 per month which is equipped with free 10 minutes local and long distance facilities, Free USeeTV GO & Disney+ Access, 2P (Internet + Phone), Indihome Gamer Benefits & Gamepad Bonus, and can be accessed by 18 devices.

Note: Prices are subject to change at any time according to Telkom Indonesia policy.
Why Should You Choose IndiHome Gamers?

If you are a gamer, you should choose IndiHome as a provider that supports video games, both PC games, smartphone games, and other online games on various consoles. Why should you choose IndiHome?

Adventure in the virtual world by using special items that can only be obtained with IndiHome Gamers. Feel the sensation of rare and special items that can add to the art of playing the game.

High and stable internet speed which is suitable for playing games and streaming games, will be IndiHome Gamer’s priority to start your adventure in cyberspace.

IndiHome Gamer gives Gamers the freedom and flexibility to adventure in the Games they like. Freedom is absolute, the art of playing games is a reference in all moods.

You will get a variety of attractive prizes that can be claimed every month.​ Immediately claim your prize while experiencing Unlimited Rocks with IndiHome Gamer

Of the many benefits above, it feels very satisfying if you use IndiHome Gamer as a supporter in playing games. And currently Telkom Indonesia is very supportive of e-Sports in national and international tournaments to create superior seeds in e-Sports. Come on, subscribe now to the IndiHome Gamer package so you can feel the sensation and art of playing games.


“Wow, well, I realized that it turns out that your connection affects the game, huh? Why do you want to interfere with the connection of the IndiHome school?”. My wife was amazed.
“Wow, it’s clear, ma’am, IndiHome Gamers are here, right, ma’am, ma’am, because of the benefits of the internet, isn’t it that Iso gets to watch streaming cooking, I’m part of playing games”. I said, excitedly.
“Yowis, come on, let’s stay awake while neng is down, lak nek wes tangi here ki raono quality time”. My wife is getting excited.
“Woah kandani og buk, yo gek ndang login rasah kakean cangkem”. I said a bit cool.

Then my wife and I cuddled in one sofa. Excitement, joy, fun, cooperation, and togetherness dissolve in each other’s game play. And is a form of projection of the virtual world into the real world. There are lessons that we can learn from the game, namely assessing various characteristics of people, understanding other people’s mistakes, accepting one’s own abilities and having confidence in all conditions, both closest people and colleagues.

The excitement above is just a little story from me who comes from a small family who enjoys the meaning of life and tries to keep up with the times. We can prove the positive influence of playing games by applying positive values ​​in everyday life, including when we are with loved ones.

With unlimited connections from IndiHome, this little family can be happy and appreciate each other’s hobbies. The benefits of the internet are not only for the sake of streaming cooking, sports, communication, and so on. However, in a virtual game we can take the positive side that we can get. Just because of an imagination in video games, we can use the internet as best we can to bring those who are far away, especially to love the closest people who are around us.

Let’s immediately feel the exciting sensation and get a lot of benefits by subscribing to IndiHome and equipped with the IndiHome Gamer package. You can visit IndiHome social media on Instagram and Twitter for more complete information. Stable, anti-lag connection from IndiHome Gamer makes the atmosphere and vibes of playing your game a dream that is projected into the real world with spices, strategies, abilities and so on.