Recommendations for Local Clothing Brands that are Suitable for Cool OOTDs

Look trendy and stylish, of course, is everyone’s desire. To look trendy, Shopee friends certainly need clothes that can be mixed and matched with other clothes. In addition, Shopee friends must also have good skills to do cool OOTDs.

Well, to make it easier for Shopee friends to do OOTD, of course Shopee friends have to look for clothes that are suitable for OOTD. Well, clothes that are suitable for OOTD are not only issued by foreign brands, but also issued by local clothing brands.

Unfortunately, there are still many who don’t know what local brands are releasing cool clothes that are worthy of being used as part of your OOTD. Therefore, this time we will discuss recommendations for local brands that are suitable for you to use OOTD. Let’s check it out.

Recommended Casual Men OOTD

For men, looking cool and trendy is certainly a must. Especially if you have to go with your partner, of course it is obligatory to look cool. That’s why it’s also important for men to know a good clothing brand for doing OOTD.

Well, a good clothing brand for doing OOTD is not only from abroad, but also from within the country. Therefore, this time, we will discuss what are the recommendations for local clothing brands especially for men that are suitable for OOTD materials.

Clothing Brands


The recommendation for a local clothing brand that provides the first quality men’s clothing is the Erigo brand. This brand is one of the well-known brands and is widely used by various people because of its good quality and classy-looking design.

This brand provides a lot of casual clothes, ranging from shirts, jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, pants, and even provides other men’s accessories as well. With this one brand, of course it will be very easy for you to look cool and do OOTD with various other clothes.

Another local clothing brand recommendation that is suitable for a cool OOTD is Moxieinconspiracy. This brand provides the type of clothes that are very suitable for those of you who like clothes that carry an eccentric theme, typical of metal style, and are thick with pop culture.

This Moxieinconspiracy brand is a brand that provides a lot of men’s clothing, ranging from t-shirts, shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, to pants. All items presented by the Moxieinconspiracy brand certainly have many choices of motifs and have many color choices, so Shopee friends don’t need to be confused about choosing them.

Not only that, the quality of the materials used by this brand is guaranteed, so you don’t need to worry and doubt about the quality of clothes from this Moxieinconspiracy brand, right?


This local men’s clothing brand recommendation is definitely very suitable for Shopee friends who like street children’s style. The recommendation this time fell on a brand called Thanksinsomnia, a brand that has been popular for a long time.

This brand produces a lot of clothing that uses street style patterns and themes, so that it makes users look more relaxed, but still trendy and stylish.

In fact, because of the cool street style trends and styles from this brand, this brand has become one of the brands that has succeeded in the international arena, Shopee friends.

Cool OOTDs

Cowgirl outfit – overhead of trendy casual woman clothes on a wooden background

With the success of this brand competing in the international arena, of course, Shopee friends don’t need to hesitate anymore with this one brand. Even cooler, this local brand had collaborated with a Thai-style fashion label, as well as a collaboration with a virtual idol from Japan, Kizuna Ai, you know.

Another local brand that is no less cool is the Sch brand. This brand is a brand that produces a lot of cool outfits.

In fact, because of the coolness of this brand, this brand has many loyal fans who always wait for the release of the latest model from this brand. How cool is that?
Buy Local Clothing Brands at Shopee

Well, that’s a good local brand recommendation for OOTD and Shopee friends. You can find all these local brands on Shopee. So it’s easier to shop right?
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