Strike How FG undermining university education in Nigeria – ASUU

Strike How FG undermining university education in Nigeria – ASUU

Strike How FG undermining university education in Nigeria – ASUU. Due to the nation’s universities remaining closed for the past seven months, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has accused the federal government, and specifically Minister of Education Adamu Adamu, of endangering their future.

As for the Education Minister’s requests for students to file a lawsuit against the Union, ASUU countered that “Adamu Adamu and the Federal Government of Nigeria are truly the ones wasting students time, and deserve to be hauled to court.”

The union announced this during a press briefing at the University of Jos ASUU Secretariat in Jos, the seat of Plateau State, through its Bauchi Zonal Coordinator, Prof. Lawan Abubakar.

The Minister was disrespecting their instructors and training the pupils to be irresponsible, according to Abubakar, who said that this was the worst part.

“I’m happy the students addressed him directly. I concur with them that Adamu Adamu ought to face justice for his inaction and complacency ever since the strike started more than six months ago.

“Nigerians could see that the same government bowed to the demands of the electrical workers and that the strike by the aviation employees was not even permitted to start because it would have affected the flights of the political elite.

Is it appropriate for this administration to ignore education, which is essential to progress and will lead to the nation’s impending doom?

He claims that “ASUU, Bauchi Zone takes exception to this neglect and insists that public universities in Nigeria must be globally competitive with government providing the necessary funds after stopping the wastages through programmes that are merely conduits for corruptly defrauding government of its meager resources like constant overseas travel.

The zone opposes the insulting and absurd award given to ASUU members nationally in a take it or leave it attitude and insists that the Federal Government of Nigeria sit with the Union and reach an agreement through the ILO-recognized collective concept.

“It is obvious that the Nigerian Federal Government has not yet made any proposals and is unwilling to solve the problems that led to the current strike.

“It appears that government officials are determined to humiliate and ridicule ASUU members until they submit.

“The Union appeals on its members to keep up their resolve and commitment to this fight because, by God’s will, Nigeria will win.

He emphasized, “The struggle is a national one; it is right and worthwhile.