Studio Loft Apartment Renovation, Super Comfortable to Live in

The studio loft apartment model is currently very popular and in great demand. This type of apartment has high ceilings and additional areas such as a mezzanine can be created.

You can apply for a KTA from the bank to renovate this studio loft apartment area as you wish. Of course the renovation must be done with careful preparation and precise calculations.

Studio Loft Apartment Renovation Design Ideas

Apartments with this kind of model actually have many advantages. One of the advantages is that it can be easily renovated due to high ceilings and a fairly large area.

If you really want to do renovations, here are some design ideas that can be applied:

Modern Minimalist with Mezzanine

The first idea is a modern minimalist design that is very suitable to be applied in a studio loft apartment because it allows a mezzanine.

A model like this is very suitable to be applied in a residence owned by young people, especially if you still live alone. Just choose the right color concept to reflect a classy modern minimalist style.

Studio Loft Apartment Renovation

Natural Wood

For lovers of natural-style interiors, this concept could be the right choice. Natural wood is currently one of the theme ideas that is widely applied in various types of housing.

It is very suitable to be applied in a studio loft apartment because it has a fairly large ceiling area. You can use wood accents at several points and combine them with cement elements to strengthen the natural impression.
Classic Elegant

Furthermore, there is a classic elegant model that is also suitable to be applied in a studio loft apartment. This kind of interior concept is a perfect choice if you want to create an elegant impression in the apartment area.

The ceiling area in this apartment is quite high so it can be used to create a much stronger elegant feel.

Studio Loft Apartment Renovation, Super Comfortable to Live in

All White

Want to get the impression of a studio loft apartment that is much more spacious and spacious? Just try to apply the all white interior concept in the apartment. White color will make the room bright and this can give the impression of a much more spacious room. If you really feel that the studio apartment you live in is quite small, then this kind of concept is suitable as an option.

Industrial Style

Nowadays, the concept of industrial style is also a favorite. Industrial style is considered aesthetic and very unique because it has a cool but still simple impression.

The concept resembles an unfinished building but is packaged in a much more aesthetic style. This can be an option if you are really interested in a unique interior and don’t need a lot of finishing.

Studio Loft Apartment Renovation Tips

Of course, this apartment renovation must be done with really thorough preparation. Although the size of the apartment may not be too big, there must still be careful calculations. Here are some studio loft apartment renovation tips that can be applied:

Make Cost Calculations

The first tip, you must make a cost calculation first. This is an important point because renovations definitely cost money and the costs can be huge if you don’t calculate it from the start. Make calculations and determine the budget limit that needs to be spent.

Choose the Right Concept

Try to choose a concept that you really want for an apartment renovation. Now there are lots of apartment renovation design inspirations that can be used as references. Just choose which one best suits your taste, budget, and of course the area of ​​the apartment.

Take a Professional Vendor

There’s no need to go overboard with an inexperienced vendor. Just look for a renovation vendor who is really professional. This is much more effective and will make it easier for you to get the renovation results you want.

Maybe the cost will be quite large, but it doesn’t matter because you can get a satisfactory quality of renovation.

Use an Experienced Interior Designer

In order to perfect the results of apartment renovations, use the services of an experienced interior designer. If the renovation is complete, then you can ask the interior designer to create an apartment design that best fits your dream concept.

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