Swimming and Light exercise that can be done at home

Swimming and Light exercise that can be done at home.

Light exercise at home is one of the obligations that must be done to keep the body healthy and fit. There are many types of light exercise that can be scheduled regularly such as swimming, jogging, fitness, running, and so on. If we want to live healthy, then in addition to exercise, we are required to fill our intake of vitamins and minerals so that the body’s resistance increases.

You don’t have to do strenuous exercise, if you have very dense activities in your daily life then the solution is to do light exercise that can be done anywhere. For example, light exercise in the office or at home. One of the most popular activities is swimming, especially if you have your own swimming pool at home.

Swimming and Light exercise

A multi-ethnic group of adults are in the public swimming pool and are taking a water aerobics class together. They have their arms raised in the air and they are holding floating dumbbells.

Then besides swimming, what other sports can be done flexibly at home? We will discuss one by one in the following article.

Types of Light Exercises That Can Be Done at Home

There are many light exercises that we can do to keep our body in shape to stay healthy. In addition, with light exercise at home, we will always be fresh and fit when carrying out daily activities. The following are exercises that can be done at home. Among others are:


Swimming is one of the sports that can keep the body in shape. In addition, doing sports swimming will have benefits such as elevating the body, helping the breath to be longer, and helping the diet process that is done naturally.

You must have a swimming pool at home if you want to do swimming sports. Currently, there are many companies that offer swimming pool services in various cities, so you can contact directly if you are interested in making a swimming pool at home. Swimming is liked by various groups from the young to the old.

Then another light exercise at home is jogging. Jogging is a light exercise that many people do, because it is considered simpler and without the need for the help of other sports equipment. Slightly different from swimming, which requires swimming pool media, which can be ordered from a swimming pool contractor.

swimming pool at home.

A group doing water aerobics

Jogging can be done around the complex with a duration of 1-2 hours every day. By jogging, the body and body will stay in shape, increase endurance, and so on. Jogging is a sport that can be done anywhere.
Sit Ups and Push Ups

In forming the perfect body by moving muscles or lifting weights, you can do sit ups regularly. Sit ups are done to form the abdominal muscles to be more athletic. Usually sit ups are done when going to light exercise such as swimming, basketball, football and other sports.

In addition to building hand muscles, you can do push ups. Do sit ups and push ups so that the muscles that are formed can be balanced. It is recommended to do sit ups and push ups at least 10 times a day.
Up and Down Stairs

Actually this is not a type of exercise, but going up and down stairs is considered simpler and can be done anywhere. If your house has two floors, then you can go up and down stairs at least 4 times every morning. That way the breath will be more regulated and the body will stay healthy and fit.

Going up and down stairs has the benefit of strengthening the muscles and bones of the legs so they can be stronger. This light exercise is perfect if you don’t have a lot of exercise facilities at home.


Doing light exercise at home is recommended by every health expert, because in a healthy body there will be a healthy soul. Mild exercise as mentioned above will help fitness and body health. In addition, you must balance it with vitamin and mineral intake and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let’s do light exercise so that the body can stay healthy to carry out daily activities. Hopefully this article is useful and see you in the next health article.