TAXPRO MAX, Federal Inland Revenue Service game changer

TAXPRO MAX, Federal Inland Revenue Service game changer

For automated end-to-end processing of its tax administration function, TaxPro Max is FIRS’s premier tax administration system.

It was a game-changer that allowed FIRS to surpass 100% of its collection goal for 2021. In 2021, FIRS collected N6.405 trillion, versus a target of N6.401 trillion, including N2.008 trillion from oil and gas revenue and N4.396 trillion from non-oil and gas.

Taxpayers can access the TaxPro Max Portal from any location and in the convenience of their home or office.

The following features (Registration, Filing, Assessment, Payment, Issuance of Tax Clearance Certificate and receipts for resident and non-resident taxpayers) have been implemented in all FIRS offices nationwide.


eRegistration: On TaxPro Max’s user-friendly website (, taxpayers (resident and non-resident companies) can register.

While a “non-registered company” (NRC) is a business or individual that is not registered or incorporated in Nigeria but derives income or profits from Nigeria in any line of business it engages in, a “resident company” in this context refers to a Nigerian business that is registered or incorporated under the Companies and Allied Matters Act.

The TaxPro Max system links to the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to collect accurate information about the incorporation of your business and to issue, enable, and authenticate your special tax identification number for that business (TIN). The TIN cannot be altered once it has been assigned.

After that, you can update your personal and business information as necessary for tax administration and to be used for all taxes. Taxpayers must periodically file returns on TaxPro Max (manual filing/intervention is not permitted). The TaxPro Max system supports a variety of tax periods, including bimonthly and biannual.

On TaxPro Max, all submissions are viewed as self-assessments. The ability to file returns for CIT, VAT, WHT, WVAT, PAYE, PIT, EDT, NITDEF, STAMP DUTY, EMTL, NASENI, and POLICE TRUST FUND on TaxPro Max has been added. Businesses in the shipping, aviation, and insurance sectors can use use the system to file their CIT returns. Credit notes can be used on TaxPro Max when submitting CIT for your company.

Additionally, warnings about deadlines for filing, paying, and paying penalties will be sent to your company. e-Payment: The taxpayer can make payments using a variety of methods, including online banking, debit cards, payment gateways (Remita, InterSwitch, eTransact, etc.), and others that are connected with TaxPro Max. Taxes may be paid in installments.

Before agreeing to an installment payment plan, the taxpayer can view/calculate the payment amounts and schedules. Until payment is made, the taxpayer can examine the daily or monthly interest charges made to their company.

e-Receipts: To the email address your company registered with FIRS, you will automatically get receipts for payments with the FIRS logo. By using your QR reader to scan the QR bar located in the top right corner of an e-Receipt, you may also confirm its legitimacy. You can check your e-Receipt by going to

After paying your company’s taxes, you can request an e-TCC (electronic Tax Clearance Certificate) from the convenience of your home or office. Only electronic and online applications for the Tax Clearance Certificate may be submitted using the website

Immediately after approval, a link to download the e-TCC will be given to the email address provided, allowing the TCC to be printed. By going to, selecting the verify e-TCC button, and entering the TCC Number and TIN of the Company, you can also confirm the validity of an e-TCC. To check the e-legitimacy, TCC’s you may also use the QR Reader to scan the QR bar in the top-right corner. Accounting for taxes: You can monitor the history of your company’s financial transactions, including any fines, interests, prior payments, new filings, revisions, assessments, etc. On TaxPro Max, your business records are exact, secure, and private.

The TaxPro Max interface additionally offers an audit trail log of all transactions, including information on the date and time of updates and the individuals responsible for the activities. To stop unauthorized access or modifications, it is security-enabled.

The Service will continue to educate the general public on using TaxPro Max for filing, assessment, and any other matters relating to tax administration at various levels. MDAs, private sector organizations, banks, payment gateways, accounting and auditing companies, professional bodies, consultants, and other tax payer groups not specifically named have all received sensitization and been guided through various hand-holding sessions.

Max Focal TaxPro Every tax office nationally has employees, and the FIRS Change network as a whole is proactive in finding gaps, addressing problems, and adapting TaxPro Max content and information to local conditions.

As long as the application is updated, the sensitization will continue to take place.

You can access a detailed step-by-step manual for the TaxPro Max system’s functions at and, respectively.