These are the advantages of the Virgo application and how to use it

The Virgo Alfamart application has been widely used by up to 3 million users. There are many advantages that can be obtained with Virgo, especially for Alfamart customers. Virgo’s unique feature that can be used at Alfamart, Alfamidi, and Dan+Dan is change top up. This feature is not owned by other e-money. Well, see in full what are the advantages of this Virgo Alfamart application and how to use it:

Advantages of the Virgo Application

Virgo has many advantages for its customers. Starting from the unique top up change feature, various interesting promos, and various other features. What are the advantages of the Virgo application?
Offers top up change feature

This feature is the easiest answer to remember for those who ask “What is the Virgo application for?”. Virgo can be used to manage change which is usually in the form of loose change.

When you buy goods and pay for them not with exact money, of course you will get a small amount of change. With Virgo, you can immediately save the change into the application in the form of a Virgo balance.

You can reuse the collected balance to buy credit or data packages, buy electricity tokens, pay electricity bills, and transfer bank accounts.
Get Many Promos When Shopping at Alfagift

These are the advantages of the Virgo application and how to use it

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As an online shop from Alfamart, Alfagift provides many special promos for Virgo users. These promos are in the form of discounts, cashback, and many others.

In addition, payment using Virgo is also very easy because this application is already integrated with Alfagift. Payments can be made faster and of course very safe.

Easy Balance Transfer

You can transfer your Virgo balance easily and quickly. You can send balances to fellow Virgos without admin fees. In addition, you can easily transfer Virgo’s balance to your bank account. Don’t forget to upgrade your Virgo account to enjoy this transfer feature.
Place to collect change from Alfamart, Alfamidi, and Dan+Dan

This change top up feature can be used at Alfamart, Alfamidi, and Dan+Dan, which are located in more than 18,000 points in Indonesia. This increasingly widespread use of course allows users to easily collect their change after shopping with cash.
A Sufficient Refund Amount

You can collect change with any nominal after shopping at Alfamart. You can enter your shopping change up to IDR 99,999 per transaction and you can also collect your shopping change at Alfamidi or Dan+Dan up to IDR 1,999 for each transaction.

You can keep the change amount in your Virgo balance. So that over time it will certainly be collected and you can use it for shopping again. Instead of that dime scattered and worthless, right?

How to Use Virgo

    1. How to use this feature, of course, you have to download the Virgo application on the Google Play Store and create an account first. Register an account by following all the instructions.
    2. Upgrade your membership by uploading your ID card and a photo of yourself. With a verified account, you can take full advantage of all Virgo features. To use the top up change feature, tell the cashier at the time of payment to enter your change into your Virgo account.
    3. The cashier will calculate the total purchases. Then pay for your purchases with cash.
    4. You will be asked to provide the mobile number you used to register Virgo.
    5. The cashier will process it and your change will go straight to your Virgo balance.

Every time you use this feature, your balance will continue to grow. So that the change will be collected in this Virgo application.

That’s the advantage of Virgo that provides many advantages. You can get many promos and start managing your finances easily. With these many advantages, of course, it makes anyone interested in using Virgo.