Top 6 Categories of Singles

Singles can either be the ones that are interested in singlehood or the uninterested one. The underlying factor is in what they are doing at present. Some of them can’t wait to get over this phase of life while others want to grow Old in that funny. Funny right? Yes, Funny.

Here are the six common categories of single people across the world. Are you reading this as a single Lady or Gent, and you are just curious to find out your category. Say no more. Just Read through!!!

1. The Care free Ones

You might want to call the people in this category the unbothered persons.
Sincerely, You cannot find true Love among folks in this group. Have you ever been laughed at by your friend because you were served a hot breakfast? (Clear throat). Just know that your friend might be a suspect here. don’t laugh, just hit him/her up with this allegation when you meet.

Also, these people don’t really believe in settling down, or being lovey dovey. They just what to stay on their lane, do what they love doing and enjoy. Infact, I wouldn’t want to say that these people aren’t sympathetic about situations, but it’s truly not far from them.

one thing that is true about care free single is that you might find them in a relationship or relationships, trust me, it’s not a serious one. This is because, they can serve anyone cold zobo in the morning (as breakfast 😉). So You wouldn’t want to date anyone in this category.

Fun fact is that, if someone in this category falls in Love, he/she would love you with all his or her substance.

Top 6 Categories of Singles

2. The Fantastic Dreamers

May I know if you planned how your relationship would be like when you were much younger? Are you now settled? or you are still planning? Actually, Dreams don’t stop coming for anyone who loves dreaming. (Don’t take my words too personal). Theses ones belongs to the world of fantasy, fantasizing what their love life would be like. More like a fairytale love story.

And for them, peradventure someone comes along for a relationship but doesn’t exude any of the fairy tale vibes they have painted in their minds; they quickly excuse themselves from such a scenario.

For those that try to endure a little while, they are usually always full of complaints about their partners not being romantic and all sorts.

3. Singles that are entangled

Now, these people are those caught in a fix. On one hand it may seem they’re in a ‘relationship’ as do practically all the things that real couples do. But on the other hand, there’s not been an official statement or proposal from the male especially to that effect.

Although, these happens more with the females but it doesn’t rule out the fact that men also don’t get caught up in entanglements or situationships.

They however, continue with the hopes that what they have would sometime metamorphose to a real relationship.

Oftentimes than not, their hopes get shattered as the one being shown more love may just have their eyes on someone else.

4. The confused Singles

These one are torn between staying and enjoying their singlehood or hopping on to another relationship with a love interest after a breakup.

This group of people want to enjoy love but are scared of being served ‘breakfast’ so, most times, they lean back and would rather not give in to that person who’s been on ‘their matter’ especially as a result of heartbreak(s).

5. The ‘God whens’

The ladies and gents in this category are just waiting to be proposed to or waiting for the right woman to propose to. The statement “God when” is very popular on social media platforms and usually comes when one part see another in a serious romantic relationship.

They get to admire people who are already fixed and are desperately waiting for their own appointed time.

Therefore, for the “God Whens” they can’t wait to be the ones being admired and hailed whenever they come across a couple doing all lovey-lovey things or even giving/ receiving gifts from their partners; or playing together and all sorts.

Note: They are not jealous, but

6. The Polysemy.

This is the final Category of our classification. As the word implies, these ones exhibit different natures. Sometimes, they’re in God when category, other time, they are in carefree category. The funny thing about this set of people is that, their singlehood could have started as them being relationship fantastic dreamers. Then along their journey,they become confused. (Is that Possible? Yes > People Change nah).
A-times, the world feel turning apart cause all they just want to do is get into a serious relationship.

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