Violence, harmful rituals against women: Anambra monarchs launch action

Violence, harmful rituals against women: Anambra monarchs launch action

Anambra State’s traditional chieftains have vowed to put an end to all types of violence and harmful customs against women.

This was included in their communiqué following a multi-stakeholder strategic conference between the WomenAid Collective (WACOL) and the Ford Foundation West Africa in partnership with the Traditional Rulers Council of Anambra State to support the 50/50 Action Women of Anambra State and the Ministries of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs.

HRH, Igwe Achebe (Agbogidi), Obi of Onitsha and Chairman of the Anambra State Council of Traditional Rulers, supported a statement made following the meeting.

The gathering vowed to “commit to the empowerment of Women and Girls” and denounced “all forms of violence against women and girls, including damaging behaviors and social norms in Anambra State.”

The communiqué also stated:

“That we are dedicated to ending harmful traditional practices, including exploitation of women and girls, trafficking of women and girls, degrading treatment and practices, forced and female child marriage, denial of inheritance, harmful ceremonies, and widowhood traditions;

“That we are devoted to upholding women’s and girls’ rights as set forth in the State, national, and international laws;

“That we resolve to taking steps to codify community laws and rules that will protect women and girls, including rejecting damaging traditional widowhood customs like widow disinheritance;

“That we are committed to honoring widows’ and widowers’ rights;

“That we are dedicated to enforcing the Supreme Court’s ruling that women, whether or not they are married, have a right to inherit property from the family estate;

“That we encourage women to participate in decisions that impact them;

“That we are prepared to think about putting women in positions of leadership in traditional institutions;

“That we support female leadership in community organizations, and

“That we are dedicated to resolving disputes involving women’s rights through mediation and reporting them in accordance with state, federal, regional, and international human rights law.

We shall eventually build a state called Anambra that is devoid of all types of abuse against women and girls.