100 ways to live life to the fullest

100 ways to live life to the fullest

Do you live every day to the fullest? Do you like what you do? Are you excited about waking up today? If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, “I don’t know” or “maybe”, you are living an incomplete life. Which really shouldn’t be. You and only you are the creator of your happiness. Why should you exchange for something less if you deserve only the best!

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it on living someone else’s life. Don’t fall into the trap of dogma that says to live by other people’s thoughts. Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions interrupt your inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you really want to become. Everything else is secondary.
Steve Jobs

We offer 100 ways to live life to the fullest 100% to fill every day with drive, pleasure and achievements in areas of interest to you.

Top 10 ways to live life to the fullest

1. Every day is a new start. Don’t get attached to what happened yesterday, the day before yesterday or later. Today is a new life, and even if something was wrong before, then you will definitely try again and again.

2. Be yourself for real. Stop trying to please the people around you and be someone else. It’s much more interesting to become a unique version of yourself, and not someone’s duplicate.

3. Stop complaining. Stop being like a whining dog that does nothing but make a lot of noise. Stop complaining about your problems, and start solving them.

4. Be proactive. Do not wait for someone to do something, instead proceed to the implementation of your plans yourself.

ways to live life to the fullest

5. Instead of thinking “what if”, think “I will do it”.

Stop thinking about things you can’t change or what makes you unhappy.

Concentrate on acting on the important things in your life. This is the most constructive action you can take at the moment.

6. Focus on “what?”, not “how?”. Focus on what you want before deciding how you will achieve it. If you are open to new opportunities and ready to take action, anything is possible.

7. Create opportunities. You can wait for the opportunity to appear in life itself, or try to create it yourself.

8. Live more consciously. Stop being a zombie that moves along the same route and eats the same food. Enjoy it! Try to feel the wind blowing, hear a bird singing, enjoy a new dish.

9. Be responsible for your growth. You and only you decide how to live your life. Dozens of hours in social networks are less productive than the same time spent studying. In the end, the one who is most inquisitive and tries to try himself in many areas will “shoot”.

10. Know your true self. Try to honestly answer yourself what you want. Abstract from public opinion, which imposes on you the desire to own a Mercedes, when in fact you want to live all summer in a tent on the Black Sea coast.

Design your ideal life

Top 20 ways to live life to the fullest

11. Define your vocation. Understand what is important to you and, based on this, determine the main vector of moving forward.

Your values are the guide when choosing a vocation in life.

12. Live according to your calling. Constantly ask yourself the question “What am I doing?”. Especially during the working day. And try to understand how much what you are doing at this moment corresponds to what you are trying to come to in your life.

13. Define your life principles and act on them.

14. Study your values. Values are what makes you the real YOU. For some, the values may be friends, for others — family and financial growth.

15. Focus on the highest bar. Do everything well — it will turn out badly. Try to act in accordance with the best approach to any issue.

16. Design your ideal life. What is your ideal life?

Create it. First, evaluate what you have at the moment. Then ask yourself what you should add to it so that you get maximum pleasure from the four main components: health, material condition, social participation and spiritual development.

As soon as you determine what you need, immediately take action. It is absolutely amazing that sometimes such a small thing as changing dishes in the house or buying a rocking chair can bring a lot of joy into your life.

17. Stop putting life on pause. To live for real is to be happy on all counts. Why build a career and sacrifice her personal life? We so often give something for the sake of something that we cannot imagine further advancement in any other way. All the most successful and happy people achieve balance and maximum everywhere at once, one sphere complements the other. If you want to go to the Tretyakov Gallery, but put it off from year to year, do it as soon as possible.

Take a break from the important and desired and steal some time from the right one.

18. Get a notebook. In it, write down your values, principles and plans, reflect on its pages. In the future, it will become a starting point for thinking about the most important events.

19. Make a list of goals for one, three, five and ten years. The more accurate they are, the better. My goals in the short, medium and long term complement and contribute to each other’s achievement.

20. Move towards your goals and dreams. Create a list of actions with your strategy and immediate steps.

Top 30 ways to live life to the fullest

21. Create your wish list.

22. Don’t do something just because it needs to be done. Any task should have a meaning. Don’t be afraid to give up something if it’s outside of your life plan.

23. Do what you like. Why postpone going to the theater, fishing or traveling until retirement? Indulge yourself! Spend your time and energy on something that will fill you up.

24. Define your passion in life. If you had unlimited resources and no obligations, what would you do? Passion is to follow your own path, regardless of any problems. It’s amazing how few people know or try to define their vocation in this short life.

25. Create a career around your vocation. Quit the job you hate. Doing something you don’t like, you’re just selling your soul, but at a very big discount.

26. Turn your vocation into money. You may ask: “Let’s say my passion is gardening, how can I make a career or money out of it?”.

Nowadays, there are plenty of options for monetizing your vocation: blogging, videos, paid courses. The only thing that often stops people is that the profit will be in the future. But believe me, this profit with a competent approach will exceed all your expectations.

27. Learn from criticism. Criticism is something that can teach you to be the best. Don’t be upset if they make comments to you — take it as a sign that you need to change something and become a better version of yourself.

28. Be positive. The glass is really half full. 🙂

Think of life as an adventure and a game. Radiate optimism and give people a smile.

29. Don’t speak ill of others. If you don’t like something about another person, tell him to his face. In any other case, don’t say anything.

30. Put yourself in someone else’s place. Try to see life from the perspective of another person. Perhaps the janitor was rude to you this morning, but why did he do it? Probably, no one pays attention to him, he is considered a maintenance and unnecessary staff and his work is not appreciated at all. Think about how to make sure that next time he meets you with a smile.

Top 40 ways to live life to the fullest

31. Show compassion. Really empathize with someone else’s problem.

32. Develop unconditional faith in yourself. To believe in yourself is to keep moving forward, even when everyone is trying to dissuade you from it.

Analyze your small victories, remember how you went against the flow, remember the pleasure that you were right and everything was wrong. If you have something in mind, be sure that everything will work out.

33. Let go of the unhappy past.

34. Forgive those who ask for forgiveness. Do not hold a grudge against people, but know their weaknesses and accept them as they are.

35. Remove the unimportant. Understand the short-term nature of things like status, fame, recognition. Everything will be applied if you focus on self-realization, and not on social recognition.

36. End relationships that don’t help you.

Remove from your environment people who add unnecessary pessimism to your life.

37. Spend more time with people who inspire and support you. Try to create a circle of active and active like-minded people. It’s really great when you came up with something together and started implementing it in 10 minutes.

38. Build sincere relationships with people around you: with strangers, with family, with loved ones. Spend time strengthening and improving your relationship.

39. Reunite with your old friend. No matter what they say, the number of friends is unlimited. Meet people from your past.

40. Arrange a day of generosity. Think about what you can do today that can improve the world at least a little.

Doing good to others is the best way to boost your mood.

Top 50 ways to live life to the fullest

41. Help people when they need it. Think of this step as a long-term investment. Someday you will get help without expecting it.

42. Go on a date.

43. Fall in love.

44. Put things in order in your life. Once a week, a month, six months, analyze your progress and progress towards your plan. Adjust your actions based on the results obtained.

45. Do not delay. Get rid of the habit of delaying decision-making. Nine out of ten opportunities are missed because of the delay in the action taken.

46. Help complete strangers. This may determine your fate in the future.

47. Meditate.

48. Make acquaintances. New opportunities appear thanks to new people. Do not be afraid to forcibly place yourself in the circle of people you are interested in and make friends with them.

49. Create strong relationships.

50. Become your advisor from the future. Imagine yourself in 10 years and mentally ask for advice from the best regarding difficult decisions. What would you do if you were 10 years wiser?

Top 60 ways to live life to the fullest

51. Write a letter to your future self. Believe me, in 5-10 years you will laugh even louder from yourself today.

52. Remove the excess. From your desk, from your apartment, hobbies, life. Make room for more important things.

53. Keep learning. Why do people stop studying after graduating from an educational institution? Studying does not mean sitting at books. You can learn to drive a car, learn to dance, learn rhetoric, and so on.

The main goal is to keep the brain in constant tension.

54. Develop yourself. Try to identify your weaknesses and develop them. If you are too shy, train to be more sociable, go towards fear.

55. Make a permanent upgrade of yourself. Deepen the knowledge and experience you have already gained, become an expert in many areas.

56. Constantly try something new. You just can’t imagine how many more new and interesting things you will be able to experience and feel (do you know what a watsu massage is?).

57. Travel. Pull yourself out of your work—home, home—work movement routine. Discover new places, of which there are many even in your city. Any trip is always something new.

58. Don’t stay in one place. Always live dynamically and try to bind yourself with loans-repairs as late as possible.

59. Be the best at what you do. If you realize that you are good in the corporate sphere, but far from being a star, go from there to the sphere where the chances of becoming the best and achieving more are much higher. If you have found your calling, become the best there.

60. Break your boundaries. Set the most impossible goal, achieve what you have in mind and come up with something even more impossible for yourself. All the clips are from the fact that someone once told you what is possible and what is not.


tree that fights for life on a rock

Top 70 ways to live life to the fullest

61. Absorb and try to implement unusual ideas.

62. Create your own place for inspiration. It can be a corner where all your inspiring things (books, photos, videos) are located, or a park, a cafe or a favorite bench. Create your own paradise.

63. Behave in such a way as to get closer to the ideal version of yourself.

64. Create roles in life. Try to act as if you were Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, or some famous and successful person.

65. Find a mentor or guru. Study the life of your guru and try not to repeat his mistakes. Consult with a more experienced mentor.

66. Find your previously unseen strengths.

67. Try to be more conscious.

68. Ask for constructive criticism and advice. You can always see better from the outside.

69. Try to create a passive income stream. It can be interest in the bank, income from renting an apartment or something else.

Passive income will give you the opportunity to be freer in your experiments in life and start from what you want, not what you need.

70. Help others to live as well as possible. If you see that you can help a person improve his life, be sure to help him find the right path.

Top 80 ways to live life to the fullest

Get married and have children

Happy wedding photography of bride and groom at wedding ceremony. Wedding tradition sprinkled with rice and grain

71. Get married and have children.

72. Improve the world. Help the poor, unhealthy, deprived of the opportunity to live normally.

73. Participate in the humanitarian aid program.

74. Give more than you get. When you constantly give more, you start getting a lot more in return over time.

75. Try to see the big picture. Focus on the 20% that generate 80% of the result.

76. Your ultimate goal should be clear. What is she like? Does what you are doing really help you achieve your goals?

As long as you think about things that bring you closer to your goal, you are on the right track.

77. Always try to find the 20/80 path. Minimum effort, but maximum result.

78. Prioritize. Sometimes it is more convenient to move by inertia and it is difficult to switch to a more important task, but this property will make your life much more efficient.

79. Enjoy the moment. Stop it. Look. Thank fate for the pleasant things that you have at the moment.

80. Have fun with the little things. A cup of coffee in the morning, 15 minutes of sleep in the afternoon, a pleasant conversation with a dear person — all this may be by the way, but try to pay attention to all the small pleasant moments.

Top 90 ways to live life to the fullest

81. Take a break. It can be 15 minutes or 15 days.

Life is not a marathon, but a pleasure walk.

82. Try to avoid mutually exclusive goals.

83. Focus on creation. You should be interested in the process of creating a game, a new business, and so on, when you get a candy out of nothing.

84. Do not judge others. Respect others for who they are.

85. The only person you should change is you.

Focus on your development and growth, not on changing others.

86. Be grateful for every day you live.

87. Express your gratitude to the people you love.

88. Have fun. You are lucky if you have such friends who laugh non-stop, with whom you forget about everything. Allow yourself such an experiment and you!

89. Visit nature more often.

90. There is always a choice. There are always several ways out of any situation.

Top 100 ways to live life to the fullest

91. Laugh more often and louder.

92. Be ready for change — this is the essence of life.

93. Be prepared for disappointments — this is part of life.

94. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Take them as lessons, but try not to take the same lesson several times.

95. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Risk is a state when all your feelings are at the limit and you know your limits.

96. Fight your fears. Every day you need to do something of what you are afraid of. It’s very difficult, but it’s important.

97. Do physical exercises. Don’t let your body rust.

98. Develop your intuition and follow it, even if logic tells you not to.

99. Love yourself.

100. Love others.

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