Whatsapp and Livechat Services from Desk.id for Business

Owning a business and venture is a dream for everyone, but it is also a challenge that must be faced if you want to succeed. One of the factors is having online facilities and infrastructure such as websites that have good performance for potential customers. Especially if the website is also equipped with whatsapp and livechat services for startup businesses, so that it will make it easier for potential customers to contact your business.

In addition, good online promotional media facilities will support the success of a business, because in this era of increasingly developing technology, everything that can be done from a smartphone is an convenience that almost everyone will be comfortable doing.

Whatsapp and Livechat Services

Things To Look For In A Business

In a business process to achieve a product sale, it must go through several stages and require a communication in order to reach a price deal for a product being sold. Especially if all of that is done from online promotional media, you have to pay attention to several important roles that must be done so that communication can run smoothly.
Use Easy Promotional Media

To find potential customers who are not only from offline, of course, promotion through online will be an effective thing to do. In other words, we will pamper consumers a little to buy the products we sell without having to come directly to the physical store that you may have.

By relying on 2-way communication through whatsapp and livechat services, it is hoped that it will convert a lead into a sales or sales. All of this can happen if we use online media to do branding and campaigns so that our products are better known to potential consumers online.
Having a Good Website

Various ways of marketing can be done in the online field. One of the things that must be owned is a website as a storefront facility to show the goods / products that we will sell to potential customers.

You have to arrange some good website support elements. Among them are a good landing page, copywriting that can attract the attention of potential consumers, complete information on the website, and the most important thing is the whatsapp and livechat service buttons so that they are directly connected to Customer Service (CS) who are ready to serve potential customers.

Customer Service that Can Serve Prospective Consumers through Whatsapp Services

Customer service is the spearhead of a communication and negotiation process that is carried out. Because whether or not a lead is a deal depends on customer service skills in handling requests from potential customers.

Having a team of qualified customer service will certainly facilitate communication and the deal process that will occur. Therefore, the customer service team must really be sought according to the criteria. Not only that, a CS must always be cheerful, happy, patient, and professional in dealing with several characters of potential customers.
Customer Care that Provides Solutions to Consumers through Livechat

In addition to customer service, an equally important role is customer care. Because a customer care is in charge of serving consumers who have become our customers. A product that has been sold will surely one day encounter a problem or consumer dissatisfaction with the products we sell.

To deal with complaints, here the role of customer care is needed. They will direct all consumer problems towards better solutions. In addition, the complaint ticket that comes in must also be really responded to, otherwise consumers can switch to our business competitors. Of course you don’t want that, do you?

The Importance of a Good Service System in a Startup or Company

A business that has a good system will be more concerned with speed in responding to potential customers. One-stop ticketing support service is one of the most important factors in the midst of technological developments to be more effective and efficient.

Some of the problems that hinder business processes are communication between elements of human resources that are related to each other in a startup or company that is already running.

By having good communication, then automatically customer service in a company will be better and more professional. A system in the form of a platform is needed to support the system to run properly and in accordance with the company’s operational standards.

Therefore, business people can try a simple platform that can handle all running business processes to make it easier to monitor and evaluate. To get to a good service in the eyes of potential customers, desk.id is here to solve communication problems that often occur in several companies.

Desk.id Is Here to Facilitate Better Service

As I explained earlier, now there is a simple platform that can be understood by business people to carry out better services from the admin side, agents, and customers / potential customers themselves.

In this case, of course, desk.id will make it easy for every startup or company to continue to grow, be creative, and innovate with all the progress of business processes in this era of increasingly developing digital technology.

Then what features does desk.id have in its contribution to today’s business people? A well-coordinated service in one monitor is a way out that can be done by business people to get to a better business process.

Complete Desk.Id Features That Can Be The Company’s Mainstay

By using desk.id, business people will be facilitated in all matters of communication with customers. In addition, this platform will make the company more effective and productive in serving customers.

This is no exception for business people who are just starting their business, this will be better because by using the desk.id platform from the start, it can be predicted that in the future it will be smoother in terms of one-stop customer care. Because live chat applications for websites are very influential too.
Whatsapp and Livechat Desk.id services from the Website

Desk.id is here as a platform that provides solutions for every communication speed between customers and customer service. Sometimes customers will prefer startups or companies that have a quick response in communication. You have to make the online chat service on the website even more useful for consumers.
Whatsapp Service Features to Manage Conversations

The whatsapp and livechat service features offered by desk.id are a solution to the communication problems between customers and CS that have been happening a lot so far. Desk.id is now integrated with the WhatsApp service.

Thus, WhatsApp will enter the desk.id system later and can be seen by all customer service on duty. That way, the division of tasks for customer service will be more evenly distributed, and potential customers will be handled quickly and well.

Very Important Desk.id Livechat Features

In addition to services using whatsapp which is integrated with the desk.id system, there are several livechat features on the website to better serve potential customers in real time. Desk.id offers a chat system that is easy, convenient, and understandable by potential customers.

The importance of the chat feature on a website is one of the factors that desk.id makes innovations to integrate it all into a system. The WhatsApp and livechat service features are the most sought after ways by customers in bargaining for products and services.

Livechat will facilitate communication, in this case all customer questions will be more easily summarized in a system. Media chat which is considered easy is indeed sought after by potential customers to interact and ask some questions.
Good Email Management and Email App

For every consumer who has purchased our products, of course, they must always be served for their after sales. Not only that, email communication consisting of several email addresses will really make us more careful in managing it.

Therefore, one of the features that desk.id has is ticket email management and email management that is integrated with the system. The speed of response in dealing with consumer email is very important in providing the best service.

You can register multiple emails from each division of the company. Which later this email will be managed by several agents from a team in your company division.
Statistics Report

In order to support good business processes, business people who use desk.id can get statistical reports based on incoming support tickets. In other words, the company will find it easier to evaluate each incoming chat.

Chats that enter through the livechat service or whatsap service will certainly result in a closing conversion, and some are not closing. Therefore, the company will find it easier to manage and evaluate customer service in replying to potential customer chats.

This must be done by every company in selling products and services to potential consumers. That way, the company will be ready to provide the best service to all company customers.

Team Collaboration

All employees in a company must be divided into several teams. And from each team, they must have good communication in serving consumers who enter through chat services and email services.

A team consists of several agents. Desk.id has a feature to provide access to each team from several interrelated divisions. Agent is every team member who has an independent desk.id login.

Agents are in charge of serving all prospective customers who enter, it would be even better if all divisions could access the inbox in this system without restrictions. So collaboration between divisions will be more effective in serving all consumer complaints.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Desk.id

Of the several features provided in a desk.id system. Of course, you will have several advantages using desk.id in a startup or large company.

By using desk.id, it is hoped that a startup or company can develop more and have new innovations in maintaining good service for potential customers. In addition, this platform will facilitate the implementation of company operations both from the admin side, agents, and potential customers themselves.

This simple platform will be more easily understood by every element in the company, in other words, it will definitely help a company to be able to maintain its existence in the Indonesian business exchange. There are several other advantages that can be summarized, including:
Providing Fast Response Service

It has been proven from the explanation above that a good response rate in dealing with consumers will affect the quality of a company itself.

Because the level of effectiveness in handling consumers will be more satisfied if complaints and questions are responded to more quickly. This will affect the choice of consumers who will choose your company.

Summarizing All Consumer Questions

Consumers or customers are king, they have the right to ask some things that may not be understood by them. As a good company, of course, you want to provide the best service to potential customers.

By using desk.id, all questions and complaints will be more easily summarized as material for company evaluation in serving prospective customers in the future. Customer satisfaction factor, identification of a problem is an important factor in providing excellent service.
Monitoring Company Activities in One Door

As a company owner, of course, you need to occasionally monitor the running of the company for the better. Everything can be provided by desk.id. This will make it easier to monitor visitor activities, incoming chats, support ticket emails, and even transactions that deal can be monitored through this platform.

By looking at one dashboard, it will be faster to evaluate the agents if they are not in accordance with the company’s operational standards. In other words, it can minimize the failure of potential customers if they are not handled properly by the agents. A quick evaluation and immediately corrected will be a plus and the company is guaranteed to always survive.
Increase Brand Reputation

By having a good system in terms of admin, agent, transaction, and support team. So it is certain that the brand of a company will be stronger in the eyes of consumers.

The hope is that a consumer will recommend our company to their relatives and relatives. If this has happened, we will carry out a branding process that has an extraordinary effect on our other potential customers. And we can be superior to competitors who have similar products.


Desk.id is a platform that has several excellent features that support good business activities. One of the excellent features that other companies must have is whatsapp and livechat services. With a more monitored management, it can be ascertained that it will minimize the failure of consumers in choosing the products/services they will buy.

In addition, collaboration between teams, email management, and transaction statistics reports will be easier to monitor because they are integrated with each other in a desk.id system. This will further strengthen the branding and the company will be more developed and innovated to do new things that are expected.

The last hope is that consumers will always be loyal to our company, because they are well served. Then they will recommend our products/services to their relatives, so that the company’s brand will be more famous and strong.

Come on, for all of you new business people, as well as those who are already running, desk.id is a solution to make the company run according to future business plans. Hopefully this article is useful, see you in the next article, okay.