Why Oloriburuku is Trending on twitter

Guess you want to Know Why Oloriburuku is Trending on Twitter Nigeria?. Keep Your cool and follow through with facts from the social media platform.

Meanwhile, Oloriburuku is a Yoruba word that means “Unfortunate person” Yes that’s big. You shouldn’t allow someone call You that.

There are five (5) reasons why the statement is trending. They are;

1.Twitter is now a free speech arena

2. Fire Outbreak in Victoria Island

3. Daniel Regha words against Wizkid

Just few days ago, Elon Musk took over twitter and tweeted that, the plat form is now a free-speech Arena for everyone. This is one of the reasons why man people has been chasing clout afterwards to trend by calling out popular folks using Abusive words.

There was a Video that was dropped of a mansion burning in VI. many claimed the fire extinguisher couldn’t get there when they were meant to. So due to the incompetency, Many people called the fire extinguishers and the Governments Oloriburuku through their tweets.


Third Point on Why Oloriburuku is Trending on twitter;

It was recorded that Davido lost his only son yesterday October 31st 2022. And Wizkid twitted about His new Album, Meanwhile, He deleted the tweet few minutes after leaning about Ifeayi’s demise. Daniel Regha took to His page to accuse Wizkid of being insensitive. However, His statements towards Machala provoked some of Machala’s fan and they called Regha Oloriburuku through their tweets.

Why Oloriburuku is Trending on twitter

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