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Do you realize that being a 12th grader will make life’s activities quite different? Yes, as a uniformed student in the final year, surely you have responsibilities and burdens that feel heavier, right?

In addition to having to prepare for the graduation exam, you also have to start a strategy to get into the next level of education, namely college. If the campus you are going to is a state university, then you can’t mess around. You have to compete with thousands of other students in the selection process for new admissions.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the 12th grade students are extremely busy. In addition to having to study at school, do assignments, take additional lessons, you must also know very well about the requirements and examples of student admissions exams in accordance with the desired major. Not to mention if you have interests and talents outside of lessons, which you want to develop so that they have more value.

In addition, grade 12 students must also update about the latest UTBK provisions. You see, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbud Ristek) has abolished TKA or subject-based exams. UTBK will now only focus on the Scholastic Test. This test focuses on cognitive abilities, reasoning, and literacy. If you are confused about developing a good study management, try joining the Quipper learning consulting platform.

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Benefits of Taking Tutoring at Quipper

There are many things to be grateful for in 2022, one of which is that the pandemic has begun to pass. Daily activities return to normal. If previously work and study were done online, now both activities have been carried out in person or face to face.

Remember, whether you want to study at home or at school, the most important thing is that we study well and earnestly. The goals of life, will not be achieved if we are silent, right?

So, so that your learning process can be maximized and fun, here are some of the benefits you can get if you join to learn with Quipper:
Online tutoring that is always updated about the latest UTBK information

As previously mentioned, the Ministry of Education and Culture changed the scope of the UTBK exam, which previously had TKA (Academic Ability Test) to only focus on the Scholastic Test. The goal is noble, because the government wants the selection test for the State Higher Education (PTN) entrance examination to be fair and not heavy on memorization or formulas.

The hope is that grade 12 students who will be successful at UTBK in 2023 have the ability to think logically when processing information from a text. In addition, they are capable of identifying problems and having good reasoning to overcome them.

Quipper itself has a special page that includes up to date information related to the latest information on UTBK 2023. Not only that, on this special page, various tips & tricks for dealing with UTK 2023 are also discussed, as well as the latest information from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The page can be checked via the following link https://www.quipper.com/id/video/sbmptn/


Have Super Complete UTBK Intensive Materials!

To test our understanding of a material, the best way is to do practice questions. Quipper as one of the best learning platforms today, is equipped with thousands of summaries of intensive material information to help you prepare for the 2023 UTBK.

The available materials include preparation materials for UBTK 2023, tens of thousands of question banks that are very suitable for you to practice, to free tryout sessions for the UTBK 2023 exam simulation.

In addition, at Quipper, various practice questions and preparation materials for the 2023 UTBK have referred to the LOTS (Lower Order Thinking Skills) and HOTS (Higher Order Thinking) difficulty levels. Complete!
Explanation of Material Easy to Understand

Quipper Video also provides 11,000 learning videos for middle and high school students. For high school students there are 13 subjects, while for junior high school students there are only 9 subjects. You don’t have to worry about confusion because the learning materials are prepared based on the national curriculum. So the arrangement will be the same as what you find in school.

The material was delivered by a qualified Super Teacher. Then for those of you who like to find shortcuts, there is also the SUPER Way (Quipper Solution) which can help you understand the material and work on questions more quickly & effectively.

Can Live Discussion With Tutors and Coaches

Now is not the time to bother studying alone because there is a Quipper Video Masterclass.

This is an exclusive service from Quipper Video. You can use it to study together more effectively because the tutors are guaranteed to be experienced in their field. In addition, you can also ask and answer questions with the Coach about the study plan that fits personally. The UTBK and PTN entrance exams are easier to pass.

There have been many who have achieved their dreams with Quipper. You can’t miss it either. So hurry up and join thousands of other Quipperians through this website right now to get the best learning package according to your needs.

There are no more stories of confusion and confusion about the UTBK or PTN entrance exams that have been dreamed of for so long. Convince yourself to subscribe right away now and get access to all video material and practice questions. Keep on chasing your dreams!

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