Why the Peter Obi movement inspires me – Charlyboy

Why the Peter Obi movement inspires me - Charlyboy

Why the Peter Obi movement inspires me – Charlyboy. In advance of the general elections in 2023, entertainer and activist Charles Oputa, better known by his stage name Charly Boy, has explained why he has decided to join the “Obidient” campaign.

The 72-year-old activist, who talked with DAILY POST this week, claimed that the present administration had let down Nigerians and offered no hope to the average citizen. therefore the need for change.

Charly Boy is adamant that Peter Obi, a former governor of Anambra State and presidential candidate for the Labour Party, LP, will implement the socioeconomic adjustments the nation needs to advance from its current state.

The seasoned performer told DAILY POST in an interview that “it is about lousy government and how to fix that equation and status quo.”

Charly Boy continued by saying that Nigerians must alter the way in which they view the people they choose to lead the country. He insisted that one of the biggest issues is that the populace disengages from politics, feels that it is none of their business, and does not exert pressure on their leaders to act morally.

He said that if Peter Obi enters the country and Nigerians continue to act in a “nothing worry me” manner, nothing would change.

“You understand that when you reach a certain rank, you need to have a particular level of discipline and know how to lead yourself; if not, psychopaths will kidnap you and use their knowledge of the game to imprison and keep you for ransom.

“I think the future of our nation is in the hands of the young, and they must fight. There is a mentality that says, “My thief is better than your own thief; as long as my thief is in government it is acceptable.

“It becomes an issue and we start battling ourselves when I am not benefitting. Because of this, they excel at their game, further dividing us by appealing to our tribalism and our religious intolerance.

“We must carry out our obligations. I’ll tell the young folks that they have the population and are gaining momentum. The strength lies in it. Despite the fact that these crooks employ the same young people, they are technologically astute.

“Perhaps something will happen when there are more individuals on the side of the truth.

“Young people in Nigeria are aware of the issue and coping with it. I’ve heard that some folks are planning to rig.

“I’ve heard there’s a vote-buying scheme underway. Some people plan to save their money and cast their votes according to conscience. The rigging is the only area where we have a significant issue.